Luke Baldridge


Your videos are amazing.
I love the clear and concise method you convey difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner.
I switched from racing ATVA quad mx before going to A class in that discipline. Decided to take it to 2 wheels. Been on them 4.5-5 years, and some times before that. However I’m just now taking it serious.
Your program WORKS!
The feeling of safety and implementing the movements into the CNS memory allows the rider to “adapt.” If this makes sense.
I sent a friend request thinking it would be a great way to help you communicate with me if I have an issue.
If not you are leaving behind a legacy man and I just wanted to say that’s something only great men get to leave behind.
God Bless, Keep it fast, Keep it safe, and Keep up the good work.
Thanks so much,

– Luke Baldridge