Jeff Swanson


Hi Gary,

It’s been around 1 year since I received your training videos 1-8 and it was the best decision that I ever made, and well worth the money spent.
I like to spend money on my bike to make it better, but the bike is an extension of the rider, so it makes sense that the investment of proper training would be the most important on a riders list.
I’m sure everyone has seen the guy on a trick bike get schooled by a rider on a lesser bike with skills.
I have your sticker on my bike and when it comes up I always tell them about you, because I hate to see someone get hurt when it doesn’t need to happen.
I ride faster now and feel more comfortable and in control in the air because of your videos, I also haven’t had any serious crashes since I started watching them, because I listened to you advice to slow way down and focus on technique.
I just ordered your new Vet DVD since I am now 51 and want to keep enjoying this as long as I can.
Best regards!
-Jeff Swanson