Austin Harvey

Austin beforeI began Gary’s training and diet program the end of May of 2007 when I weighed 180Lbs. My body fat was 28.7% and my endurance was pretty poor. I would fade out in a moto after 4 or 5 laps and come off the track very tired and worn out. The second motos were the same and I would find myself struggling to keep focused for the whole race.

I came home from Gary Semics with a nutritional plan and a workout program that Gary had tailored to suit my goals. I immediately began to train using his plan and having my mother cook only those meals that were called for in the program. I began to see progress almost immediately and found that the workouts were actually giving me more energy even though I was tired when I completed the exercises. My endurance began to improve and I noticed that I wasn’t getting as tired during races as I had been. The more I worked out and followed the plan, the better I felt and the better my strength and endurance became.

Within four months I was down to 148 lbs and my strength and endurance has skyrocketed. I don’t even think about it anymore during a moto. I can run 30 minute motos and feel good at the end of them. I come off the track in good shape and ready for moto 2. I can run several classes during the race day and not feel at all tired at the end of the day.

On the way home from the track, we don’t stop at fast food places anymore, we will find a good restaurant and have some chicken or fish for dinner so that my training can take advantage of the good nutrition that is available if you take a little time to look for it.All in all, the Gary Semics plan changed my whole outlook as well as my life. I am healthier, stronger and more able to race effectively since adhering to the program. My mental attitude has improved immensely as well.

This is a plan that I can be comfortable with for my whole life not just for racing. It makes sense and the results speak for themselves.
-Austin Harvey – B Class

Jim, Diana & Austin Harvey:

Dear Gary:

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for having Austin (that 166 kid) attend your school.

As a parent, naturally I want to see my son succeed in anything that he undertakes. His passion is Motocross and he is determined to bring his skills to the highest level.

My wife and I could not have been more pleased in watching him at your school this past weekend.

Your teaching style fit perfectly with the way my son learns best. He learned more in the two days that we were at the school than I would have ever believed possible. You increased his skill level and more importantly, his confidence level as well.

This was by far, the best investment that we have ever made in Austin’s training. We will certainly be back for more instruction.

It’s literally unbelievable how much of a change you made in Austin.

Thank you,

– Jim & Diana Harvey