Cory Crumley

GSMXSGary, Just wanted to say thanks again for the tips at your class last weekend. Helped me get the overall win this weekend at the South of the Border AQ. Regards, – Cory Crumley

Dus West

GSMXSAfternoon sir. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I’ve been fallowing you on Facebook now for close to a year. I ride bikes and quads and your instructional videos have really helped me progress. Especially in jumping and cornering. I’ve developed my own way of converting my dirtbike skills to[…]

Patrick Lovell

GSMXSThank You Gary, I bought one of the a value packs. I ride a lot and practice using your video’s (huge improvement) now I can watch them anywhere!!! Thanks again & keep up the great work. – Patrick Lovell

Thomas Hill

GSMXSJust wanted to say im a big fan. I’ve never had any actual coaching in the sport, but i have watched all your dvds countless times. This year i achieved 11th overall in the Australian Supercross Championship SX1 class as a privateer racer. And largely i attribute that to your dvds insights. Thanks very[…]


GSMXSHi Gary I have enjoyed and have learned so much from your videos. I purchased a few series but I recently purchased the vet videos and I love them. Well done! – Roy

Jeff Swanson

GSMXSHi Gary, It’s been around 1 year since I received your training videos 1-8 and it was the best decision that I ever made, and well worth the money spent. I like to spend money on my bike to make it better, but the bike is an extension of the rider, so it makes[…]

Reda Amiri

GSMXSHi Gary, My name is Reda Amiri I’m 50 years old from United Arab Emirates, I wanted to thank you very very much for your help with your knowledge and the incredible training techniques and strategy , It had helped me a lot and I became a respectable rider among my local riders. I[…]

John Helmsley

GSMXShave several of Gary’s videos and I can say that they are absolutely worth every penny! I’ve bought and watched a lot of other videos and they don’t even come close to GSMX! Gary has a way of describing techniques others can’t. Thanks Gary! – John Helmsley from FB.

Ken Doeg

GSMXSI always enjoy your videos and wish I was closer to attend one of your summer group classes. I feel this is one of your most informative videos. You have most of your key techniques included in a pretty compact amount of time. I think it is very applicable to everyone, not just Vet[…]


GSMXSGary, just got a chance to watch your new video “Motocross Skills for Vets”. Great video, very informative, easy to follow. I love how you broke down the different areas. Can’t wait to get out there and practice those techniques. Thanks, – Norm

Matt Altobelli

GSMXSMr. Semics, I have been watching your DVD’s since I purchased the everything pack and I am very excited to get back on the track and start applying all I have learned form your material, so glad I didn’t get back into it before watching your DVD’s because I would have fell back into[…]


GSMXSHi Gary, I just wanted to drop you a note, I purchased your DVD set 1-8, a few months ago and have watched all of them a few times and continue to do so. I just purchased your book manual so I can take it to the track. I started ridding when I was[…]