The Rider and Motorcycle Become One!


Make the Rider and Motorcycle Become One and you will definitely get a lot faster! This instructional DVD #2 from the Volume 1 Series gets more in-depth with the important aspects of Motocross including; Body positions and movements – How to practice the most important techniques separately – The most important part of a corner (which is the Exit Dex) – How to master Clutch and Throttle Control – In depth Braking Techniques – Practice drill for Clutch and Throttle – Practice drill for Front Brake – Practice drill for Rear Brake – Starts (how to get the hole shot) – How to become one with the motorcycle and achieve Total Flow Concentration and some important guidelines for Practice and Training.  Get ready to take your riding skills and race results to a whole new level!

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When you see the top pros racing on TV or live at a Pro National, pros like, Marvin Muskquin or Blake Baggett, you may wonder how they make something that is so difficult look easy.  It’s as if they are one with the bike!  Well, they are one with the bike!  Everywhere they are connected with the bike (handlebars, foot pegs and seat) is an extension of their body.

Controlling the clutch, throttle and front brake are as easy as moving their hands and fingers.  Controlling the shifter and rear brake is as easy as moving their feet.  All these delicate, controlled movements are running on auto pilot.  Their body movements are in constant motion in order to maintain the center of balance!  They use their sensation of speed and visual perception, of what they see ahead of them on the track.   This sensation of speed and visual perception is coordinated with the feeling of what the bike is doing, then their automatic reflex reactions are being used to maintain speed and control.

Of course, this is all happening very quickly but to them it seems rather slow and relaxed.  All these elite racers had to begin with the proper techniques.  Then they had to keep honing and polishing those techniques into their sub-conscious mind and automatic reflexes.  All this has become second nature to them.

If you ever want to ride like them you have to perfect all the techniques just like they did.  Once you accomplish this the fun really begins.  Riding with a smooth, fluid style, carrying speed, momentum and maintaining control is super fun!
But first you need to make the Rider Motorcycle Become ONE!

Sure, this DVD #2 from the VO1 Series is older (1993) but the techniques are still solid!  And you’ll be saving $$$!

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