Develop the Pro Motocross Riding Style.


Want to ride like a pro?  Well, first you need to develop a Pro Motocross Riding Style!  Every Pro rider has developed a signature riding style.  It’s like a finger print, everyone’s is different. Now with DVD #4 from the Volume 1 Series you can learn some of the techniques and styles so you can learn to look and ride like a pro. You don’t want to look or worse yet ride like a pit squid, do you?  This (52 minute DVD) was produced while Gary was living with Jeremy McGrath, the planet’s greatest SX racer of all time! So, you’ll get a private, inside look as Jeremy prepares during the week to dominate the SX races.

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Learn about the following subjects with this easy to understand and apply Pro Motocross Riding Style DVD;

The Natural Talent scale, how to know how much do you have – What it takes to succeed in Motocross, Consistent Desire, Commitment and Preparation, how much do you have – How the Pros Adjust the Controls – Consistently Testing the Bike – Awareness of Techniques and Style – Riding in the Forward Body Position – Stationary and Action Practice Drills.

You’ll learn all these things and much more. But perhaps the most important things you’ll learn is how You Can Become a Better Rider, whether your intentions are making MX a fun hobby or a full-on profession.   You already have the MX bike, gear and graphics so, don’t look like a Pit Squid, look like a Pro!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .4 in

52 minutes


Gary Semics Motocross Schools, Inc.


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