Motocross Techniques Value Pack – VO3 First 4 DVDs


This Motocross Techniques Volume 3 DVD Value Pack includes the First 4 DVDs of the Volume 3 complete Value Pack which has 8 DVDs.  If you don’t want to spring for the entire Volume 3 Series Value Pack you can buy the first 4 DVDs in this Value Pack.  These first 4 DVDs cover; 1. Body Positions and Movements.  2. Braking Techniques.  3. Clutch, throttle and Shifting.  4. Hard Packed Cornering Techniques. Great for woods riders too!
If you like this set you can purchase the 2nd half of the VO3 Series, that covers Rutted Cornering Techniques and all the different Jumping Techniques.

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motocross training value pack
Where to hold leg when leaning in rut.

 Motocross Training Value Pack

These first 4 DVDs really focus on the cornering techniques.  They even show them being used on different track conditions, like tacky, slippery and hard and dry cushion berms.  The only cornering DVD from this newest Volume 3 Series that is not in this Motocross Training Value Pack is the “Motocross Rutted Cornering Techniques DVD #5”.  This DVD is in the second half of the Volume 3 Series, along with the three Jumping Techniques DVDs.  Therefore, you may want to purchase the first half (4 DVDs) and add the #5 Rutted Corners DVD or purchase the entire set of the Volume 3 Series (8 DVDs). 

Learn the same skills the top pros use. 

motocross training value packDon’t keep spinning your wheels without noticing any significant improvements. With these motocross training methods you will begin to notice improvements immediately. No matter what DVDs you choose, you will be learning the same riding skills that today’s, top pros use!  Gary’s DVDs illustrate the important fundamental techniques of motocross that must become natural and automatic for you to develop a smooth, fast, in control riding style.
Use these motocross training methods and discover what you’ve been missing when you learn and apply the techniques in these first 4 DVDs of the Volume 3 Series.
These instructional skills DVDs are way more than just dirt bike lessons. They have helped the world’s best racers win 26 AMA Pro Championships!

Discover all the Motocross Techniques in these first 4 DVDs and make game changing improvements:
1. Body Positions and Movements.
2. Braking Techniques.
3. Clutch, Throttle and Shifting Techniques.
4. Hard, Slippery Cornering Techniques.

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motocross training value pack

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