Motocross Techniques Training DVDs Stand-Alone Value Pack.


This is a great Motocross Techniques and Training Stand-Alone DVD Value Pack for riders on a tighter budget because it gives you a great combination of DVDs that will cover all the important mx techniques and tons of ways to train for motocross or woods riding, at a supper low price. These four DVDs do not belong to a series, hence ‘Stand-Alone’.  Great for woods riders too! You’ll receive the, “The 2 Day MX School”, “Private Lesson with Gary Semics”, “Sand and Grass Techniques” and the first “The MX Conditioning DVD”. 

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The ways in which these Motocross Techniques Training DVDs Stand Alone videos are shot and edited make learning easy! We use repeat frames, slow motion and stop action so it’s easy to understand the techniques and practice strategies while Gary explains them. Under Gary’s helmet is a long top 5 pro racing career and an AMA Pro SX Championship, even a 2012 AMA Amateur National Title at Loretta Lyn’s in the 50 Masters class, add to that over 30 years of teaching motocross and you can see why Gary’s teaching methods are so effective. Don’t keep spinning your wheels; learn the fast way from Gary’s experience.  Here’s what’s in these four DVDs;

Practicing starts.

The 2 Day School DVD – This 2 day Motocross School instructional DVD is the next best thing to being at one of Gary’s personal classes and if you have attended a Motocross School Class this DVD is a great way to remember all the important MX Techniques you learned. With this DVD you can go through the class whenever you want and as many times as you want.  All the important techniques are explained and demonstrated in a stationary position and in action practice drills so it’s easy to catch on quickly.
Gary will demonstrate the techniques and then you’ll see other riders just like yourself practicing the techniques in the drills.  Then Gary will call all riders off the drill tracks, perform valuable critiquing and then observe as they go at it again.

You will learn the quickest and most effective ways to practice sweeping and bermed (rutted) corners, braking, jumping, whoops and starts, all the body positions and movements and all the secrets to becoming a better rider.
These are the same motocross techniques all the top pros are using.

Three hours and 10 minutes packaged in 2-disc set.

Private Lesson with Gary Semics DVD – In this Motocross Private Lesson DVD Gary will take you out riding with him for the day on an awesome private motocross track in Bushnell, Florida as he demonstrates and explains all the techniques that have helped make champions.  He’ll also give you an inside look into the mind of a pro motocross racer!  Some of the top riders Gary has trained, from Jeremy McGrath to Ryan Villopoto have won 26 AMA Pro Titles. Don’t you want to get your how to motocross techniques from the best in the business?  Come riding with Gary on this awesome sand and clay MX track as he covers the entire track, as he takes you over it section by section.  He’ll show and explain all the techniques for every section and this track demands all of them.

There are all kinds of corners, a lot of big jumps, sand whoops and hard packed bumps, ruts and just about everything else you’d find on a motocross track.  This DVD will not just give you tons of techniques to practice but also an inside look into the mind of a pro motocross racer.  You’ll learn how Gary looks and thinks about each section of the track.  Have you ever wondered if you’re thinking too much when you’re at the practice track or at races?  In Baseball they call it “Full Mind – Empty Bat”.  Riding Motocross well or performing most any sport well requires a different state of mind than ordinary people have in their normal day to day lives.  This day to day type of mind is more analytical, analyzing what has happened before and what might happen in the future, it’s also judgmental and constantly thinking.  Our minds are programmed to do this in order to protect us and it’s been doing this for thousands of years through evolution.  But there is also another part of our minds that has evolved for even longer, that is the conscious mind that is in the NOW, in the moment, realizing what is happening in each present moment.  This mind is able to focus all of its attention on each present millisecond, at the same time being aware of everything without being distracted by anything.  It is not thinking what has happened before or what might happen in the future, it’s not analyzing things, it’s just reacting in the NOW.  This state of mind allows one to ride in the ZONE!  Total Flow Concentration!!!

Here’s your chance to discover all this valuable physical and mental info in order to begin making real progress.  This DVD has a lot of slow motion and stop action so Gary can show and explain exactly what needs to be done in order to ride fast, smooth and flow through ever section of this gnarly 2:30 lap time track. Learn how to work and flow with your bike not against it.  As a special bonus we also show and explain how to master the WHIP, SCRUB and how to concur BIG JUMPS.  There’s even some funny GOON RIDING with the hilarious Frenchman Greg “Frenchy” Pamart.

motocross training dvds stand alonemotocross training dvds stand aloneCornering Techniques for Sand and Grass DVD – In soft sand you can’t only steer with the front wheel.  Just before you begin to steer with the front wheel you have to get on the throttle. This will take a lot of the steering demand off the front wheel and you’ll actually be steering with the front and rear wheels. Don’t put any unnecessary weight on the front wheel either. You can still sit in the front part of the seat but don’t have your upper body leaning too far forward.  Keep the front end light.  Many times it helps to lower your forks in the triple clamps which will raise the front end so it won’t steel so quickly. Try it in 3mm increments.

The main thing about sand whoops is placing the front wheel on top or just over the next whoop.  In order to do this the rider has to pull back on the handlebars (row back) at the right time and use the throttle correctly.  By putting the front wheel on top or just over each whoop (don’t let it go through the bottoms of the whoops) this will cause the rear wheel to keep better ground contact and stay straight, along with being much faster!

There are plenty more important sand techniques along with tons of grass cornering techniques that also apply to many other types of track conditions.  You’ll get all the details for drift sliding the bike into corners with medium terrain track conditions.  Drift slide it in and carry that drift slide through the “Transition” (where you go from the brakes to the clutch and throttle) and the exit of the corner. Not only do these techniques look awesome but they will lower your lap times, big time!

You’ll learn how to practice and master the skills for carrying more speed through the corners and sand whoops with control and confidence.  Learn how to use the rear brake for faster entry speed into corners.  For harder grass sections you’ll learn how to use the front brake as hard as needed without sliding out.  You’ll also learn how to handle those rough sand roller sections with speed, control and less physical effort.  We are just scratching the surface, as there is way more to learn in this DVD!

Hey Gary, Just want to let you know that before I attended your class, i would barely break the top 10 in the Expert class.  This weekend i raced Silver Springs MX and placed a perfect 1st Overall in the 450 Expert class against guys who normally whoop my ass.  Feels so great to actually win. Its been 4 years since I’ve won a moto and I’ve never won the overall in the Expert class since i have turned expert.  Everyone came up to me and I told them you’re the man to thank, so you might be getting some calls. I put the good word in for you. Hope to keep in touch. Thanks again for everything. Your knowledge and training means the world.  Thanks, Mike Metz (pro MX racer)

Motocross Conditioning 1 DVD – Gary’s motocross sports specific training methods that he used to train Jeremy McGrath, Ezra Lusk, Kevin Windham and many of the other top pros. It also comes with a Training and Diet PDF Manual so it’s easy to remember and follow up on the workouts that are in the DVD.  The DVD begins on the most important subject in training and racing, the mind.

Gary explains the importance of developing the correct mindset that will enable all the other pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.  You will understand and develop the right attitude for your training and racing to be successful.  Learn the most effective supplement training methods for Motocross and/or Off-Road Racing.  Training for Motocross is very unique compared to other stick and ball sports, even endurance sports, like running and cycling.  For example, running and cycling are strictly aerobic sports.  Other than sprinting, they are totally aerobic.  But motocross is both aerobic and anaerobic. It’s true that motocross requires great cardio conditioning (aerobic) but it also takes a lot of strength, making it both aerobic and anaerobic.  In motocross cardio is more important because if you’re in an anaerobic state too often your muscles will pump up with lactic acid.  Then you’re riding efficiency will decline, in a big way!  You will not only become way more tired but your reflexes, balance, timing and control will suffer.  You will lose the feel of the wheel, so to speak, not to mention be more likely to crash and burn!

Motocross required sports specific training methods designed for motocross.  There is a fine line regarding the frequencies, durations and intensities for your cardio and strength training routines.  If you get this delicate balance wrong you will suffer on the bike!  Ever since Gary started his pro racing career he has always been interested in discovering better ways to train for motocross.  He has been developing his training methods ever since.  When he would find the best methods he would use them on other racers, like McGrath, Villopoto, Lusk, Windham, Dowd and many others.  Then Gary put all this info into his two MX Conditioning DVDs, this first one and the second, The MX Conditioning DVD #2. Fitness training off the MX bike is the hardest part of motocross preparation.  Don’t waste your time and energy doing programs that aren’t designed for motocross.  Instead, learn from one or both of these DVDs and you will race strong to the checkers!

Subjects covered;
1. Do the life in the future drill with positive results.
2. How training for motocross and off-road racing really works.
3. The differences between off season and in season training.
4. Learn the four main GSMXS Weight training programs – GSMXS Calisthenics – GSMXS Stretching – GSMXS Core Workouts – GSMXS Diet, Nutrition and Meal Samples.

When you know how to train for motocross there will be no more excuses of getting tired and fading with this video.
You will stay strong to the checkers.

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Here’s what former SX Champion Ezra Lusk had to say:

I’ve used Gary’s training methods and programs since I first started working with him back in 1996. Since then I have tried some different personal trainers and have always returned to Gary’s programs because I’ve always felt the strongest when I was using them. I’ve hired Gary as my personal trainer again this year in 2004.
Gary’s been there and he knows motocross from the inside out.
Ezra Lusk             more testimonies

motocross techniques training dvds stand alone

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