Motocross Technique and Training Value Pack – Volume 2 Complete


Receive all 4 Instructional DVDs of the Volume 2 Series – The Complete Set and save 77% off retail!

Get the absolute motocross techniques for railing corners, pulling hole shots, skimming and jumping whoops, launching and whipping it off jumps.  Quickly begin riding with more control, safety, speed and confidence!  Great for woods riders too!

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Here’s a description for each DVD in this Motocross Techniques Training Complete VO 2 DVD Series. 

DVD #1 – How to Practice Motocross! This How to Practice Motocross DVD from the Volume 2 Series sheds light on the entire picture of motocross skill levels. Learn what’s most important at each of the 10 skill levels. Once you reach each skill level you’ll know what to set your sights on next. You’ll learn what the top pros did to become great, pros that Gary has trained like McGrath, Villopoto, Windham, Lusk, Dowd, Jesseman and others. Learn and understand what it takes to progress in motocross.

DVD #2 – How to Win Starts!  Everyone knows that the start is the most important part of a race. If I had a dollar for every time a pro made that statement I’d be a millionaire.  In this motocross How To Win Starts DVD Gary breaks down all the important starting techniques in an easy to understand and practice format so you can become a hole shot artist. Gary also gives you all the other tips and secrets to winning starts, like which gate to pick, even the right mindset! State of the art editing equipment is used with slow motion and stop action so you can see exactly how it all works. Don’t follow the pack, be a leader and learn HOW TO WIN STARTS.

DVD #3 – All About Jumps and Whoops!  There’s no doubt about it, if you’re going to be competitive in motocross you’re going to have to be good at jumps and whoops.  Even if you’re just riding outdoor motocross there’s still a lot of jumps and many times at least one whoop section.  This DVD nails down all the techniques for these two fun aspects of motocross and supercross and packages them into an easy to understand and practice format.  Many of these techniques were developed when Gary was training Jeremy McGrath, the best Supercross racer of all time. These are still the same techniques used today from the top riders. The only new jumping technique that is not in this DVD is the Scrub. For that technique go to VO3 DVD #8 (Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques). After you understand and practice what’s in this DVD you will have way more confidence and control with jumps and whoops.

DVD #4 – Motocross Corner Speed (Beyond the Basics).  Learn all the secrets for gaining speed and control through the corners. Some of these secret techniques have never been taught before the production of this DVD except to Gary’s Pro National riders in private lessons like Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham & Brock Sellards to name a few.  This DVD delivers all the latest techniques in an easy to understand and apply format so you can learn how to glide through the corners with smoothness and control. Slow motion, stop action and split screens are used so you can see exactly the correct ways and the most common mistakes as Gary explains them.  Not only does Gary demonstrate but you’ll also learn from a lot of race action from Loretta Lynn’s, Branson Missouri, Gatorback’s Mini Os and The Florida Winter Series. Gary promises when you learn and apply what’s in this DVD you will be faster and more consistent through the corners.

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This Motocross Conditioning DVD #1 and PDF Manual combo package includes Gary’s motocross sports specific training methods that he used to train Jeremy McGrath, Ezra Lusk, Kevin Windham and many of the other top pros. This motocross training DVD is good for those riders who need more motivation! It also comes with a Training and Diet PDF Manual so it’s easy to remember and follow up on the workouts that are in the DVD.

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