Motocross Seat Bouncing and Launching Skills.


In this 37 minute DVD #7 from the Volume 3 Series you’ll be on your way to perfecting all the Seat Bouncing and Launching techniques in order to clear jumps right out of a corner and other jumps that require more height and distance.  You’ll discover which techniques to use on different types of jumps and how to adjust the techniques in order to hit your landing target every time.
Big doubles – no troubles and no more issues with coming up short on your landing targets.
Now you can learn these more advanced jumping techniques and use them with confidence and control.

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Motocross Seat Bouncing Launching Skills requires helping the compression and rebound parts of the jump.  This is done by multiplying these two forces with your legs and the clutch and throttle.  Split second timing is also critical.  But there are many techniques that go into these two advanced jumping techniques.  Some examples are; should you be on the balls or arches of your feet? Should you push down and lift up of the handlebars? How, when and where should you grip the bike with your knees? How far ahead should you look as you approach and takeoff from the jump? How do you use the clutch and throttle as you compress and rebound from the jump? How to control the height of the front end through the air? Should you land with the front wheel or back wheel first?  These and many more important questions will be shown and explained using pro editing with slow motion, repeat and freeze frames.

Subjects covered are;
1. How Seat Bouncing Works
2. Stand to Sit Seat Bounce
3. Seat Bouncing Techniques
4. Seat Bounce Practice
5. How Launching Works
6. Launching Techniques
7. Launching Practice.

This DVD delivers what you need to master for the Seat Bouncing and Launching Skills. These techniques and practice strategies aren’t just techniques that most expert riders could teach.  They have been developed and proven over decades of pro racing and teaching experience! For over three decades Gary’s 40 hour work week has been teaching motocross.

These techniques and practice methods will take your MX riding experiences to a whole new level!

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37 Minutes


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