Motocross Training Value Pack – VO3 Second 4 DVDs


This 2nd half (4 DVDs) of the Volume 3 Series caps off the cornering DVDs with #5 “Rutted Cornering Techniques”.  Then finishes off with the Jumping skills DVDs including #6 “Basic Motocross Jumping”, #7 “Seat Bouncing and Launching” and #8 “Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping”.  Soon you’ll be practicing and developing all these awesome rutted cornering techniques safely and effectively and mastering all the jumping skills you need in order to be confident in the air.  From rutted corners to the basic jumping skills, to scrubbing and whipping skills, it all starts here!


Do you want to rail those deep ruts like you see the pros doing, but are you slowing way down and struggling through them?  Would you like to hit the big jumps and send it but can’t get past the fear of the unknown?  There is a good reason these struggles and fears are there, it’s called self-preservation!  Your mind is doing what it’s supposed to do, protecting you from getting injured.  This is because you haven’t developed the skills to be in control, comfortable and confident with your bike in all these situations.  How do you gain this confidence?  It’s not through trail and arrow.  Sure, if you’re lucking enough to survive all the injuries along the way you may become a pretty decent rider.  But why waste all that time and take all those risks?  With the time tested and proven practice methods in these Motocross Rutted Corners Jumping Techniques DVDs you can learn in one month what you might learn in two or more years through trial and error!

Whether you’re learning for the first time or breaking bad habits don’t take unnecessary chances and waste time and money. With these motocross skills made simple DVDs you can learn all these important motocross skills in the most effective, safeness way possible. This will make learning interesting and fun because you will begin feeling results right away!

These techniques and practice strategies aren’t just techniques that most expert riders could teach.  They have been developed and proven over decades of pro racing and teaching experience! For over three decades Gary’s 40 hour work week has been teaching motocross.  For his efforts Gary has trained riders who have won 26 AMA Pro Championships!  Learning from the best in the business is a huge advantage!  These techniques and practice methods will take your mx riding experiences to a whole new level!

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motocross rutted corners jumping techniques

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