Motocross Rutted Cornering Techniques.


The Pros love Berms (rutted corners) because they offer the ultimate traction.  But as you know these traction rails can work against you if you don’t know how to use them.  In this 48 minute DVD you’ll discover the details on how to handle all types of Bermed (Rutted) Corners. Learn how to carry controlled speed into, through the critical transition part of the corner and when exiting Bermed Corners.

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In this 48 minute instructional Motocross Rutted Cornering DVD you’ll discover the same techniques Kevin Windham and Gary worked on at Kevin’s private track in Mississippi. Kevin is one of the fastest, smoothest riders the sport has ever seen.  Kevin was always a top contender all the way through his pro career, retiring in 2013 at age 34.  How do you think he lasted so long, flawless techniques. Now you can learn how to master the very same techniques for Rutted (Bermed) Corners.

Carrying speed into, through and exiting ruts is an advanced technique.  Some of the keys to pay attention to are; getting lined up ahead of time for the entrance of the rut, controlling the front and/or rear brakes until the transition (where you go from to accelerating) then controlling the clutch and throttle and controlling the lean of the bike.  Also try to look ahead up around the berm a little ways not just in front of the fender.  Stay loose with your upper body so you can quickly and easily move from side to side in order to keep your balance.

When dealing with these deep rutted lines in the track there is little to no room for error.  To do it well you have to practice correctly.  You have to develop all the basic techniques into your automatic riding style.

With this DVD you’ll discover how you can lean the bike way over through the rut without the front tire climbing out of the rut or having the bike try to fall to the inside. Stop 2nd guessing yourself and tensing up when you see those big ruts in front of you.

Learn some great practice drills we use at our Motocross Schools for rutted Corners. See how to adjust the techniques for different soil conditions from Super Soft to Medium Soft to Hard and Slippery corners. There’s even a special technique that saves energy and eliminates arm pump.  Make rutted corners one of your strong points!

Gary says; Learn and apply what’s in this DVD and I guarantee “YOU WILL BECOME A BETTER RIDER” through Bermed (rutted) Corners.

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