What to do on Race Day.


What To Do On Motocross Race Day may seem pretty simple…get the hole shot and wheelie away!  The reality is that it’s not so simple.  All your competitors are aiming to do the same.  Every good, experienced racer, who consistently gets good results, has found what preparations work best for them.  There is a preparation process they go through the day before the race and of course this process continues throughout race day.  Leading up to the start there is a ritual they go through as well.  These preparations and rituals help them get in the ZONE!  This enables them to race at their highest potential.  This DVD is helpful for riders who are beginning to race, as well as experienced riders who want to improve their race results.

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Here’s what racing in the ZONE feels like On Motocross Race Day.  I felt physically very relaxed, but really energized and ready to go. I experienced virtually no anxiety or fear and the whole experience was totally enjoyable. I experienced a very real sense of calmness and quiet inside and everything just seemed to flow automatically. I really didn’t have to think about what I was supposed to do, it just happened naturally. Even though I was really moving, it was all very effortless. I always seemed to have enough time and energy and rarely felt rushed, almost at times as if I was racing in slow motion. I felt like I could do almost anything, as if I were in complete control. I really felt confident and positive.  It also seemed very easy to concentrate. I was totally tuned into what I was doing. I was also super-aware, aware of everything but detracted by nothing. It almost seemed like I knew what was going to happen before it actually did.

At the races the main thing to remember is to “STAY IN THE MOMENT”! Stay out of your thinking head. Don’t listen to or follow the thoughts in your head. When you catch yourself doing that just simply bring your awareness back into the present moment.  Experience each moment as it is unfolding.  Also, love what you are doing as much as possible, be grateful, be more than grateful, FEEL GRATEFUL. Focus on those things and you will attract more of the same.

With this DVD you’ll learn, How to develop the right mindset on race day – What things to look for when walking the track – Getting the most out of Morning Practice – What to do between practice and the first moto – On the starting line – Race strategies During the race – Between the first moto and the other motos – What you can learn from the race.

The truest measuring scale is from the Starting Gate to the Checkered Flag.
When the gate drops the nonsense stops.

Learn to develop a routine and your personal ritual that will get the results you want.
Race in the Zone with “What To Do On Race Day”!

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