Motocross Jumping Absorbing, Scrubbing Whipping Techniques!


Awesome jumping techniques can be a part of your riding style if learn and apply the Motocross Jumping Absorbing, Scrubbing & Whipping Techniques included in DVD #8.  Now-a-days most good motocross riders always have at least a hint of the Scrub or Whip in just about every jump they take.  When you understand all the techniques and practice methods these riders have learned and practiced, you too can be jumping with style and control!

Before you begin learning how to scrub and whip it off jumps, you first should learn how to “Absorb” a jump. In order to Absorb a jump you stand tall (just before your knees lock) on the pegs while approaching the jump.  Continue standing tall as the bike loads into the compression part of the jump. Then as the suspension begins to rebound flex in your knees and elbows which allows the bike to come up under you, hence absorb. This also happens when Scrubbing but there are 3 more major things going on.

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Motocross Jumping Absorbing Scrubbing Whipping Techniques made doable!  To begin learning how to scrub start on a smooth faced jump, as they are much easier to scrub, unlike jumps that are soft, rutted or tacky. This is because the front and rear tires have to slide off the jump. Approach the jump on a slight angle so you are already turning up the face of the jump.  In order to do the scrub you have to lean the bike over and turn the front wheel in the same direction as you reach the top part of the jump. The sooner you lean and turn the better but this also ups the difficulty level.  As you lean the bike going up the jump keep your body standing tall. Then at the top of the jump drop your body position down in order to absorb the take off.  Always drop your body to the opposite side of the way the bike is turning and leaning.  Example: if you’re turning and leaning to the right you would drop your body to the left.

Doing the whip has some similarities but some important differences, as well.  It’s impossible to learn them from reading instructions.  That’s why Gary produced this DVD.  With the pro editing of slow motion, repeat and freeze frames as Gary explains all the techniques and practice methods you will be on your way to developing these awesome jumping skills!!!

Learn to jump in style & control just like the Pros! Subjects covered;

1. All about Absorbing.
2. All about Scrubbing.
3. All about Whipping.
4. Learning to Absorb.
5. Learning to Scrub.
6. Learning to Whip.
7. How to control jumping in a crosswind.

Gary has trained many top pro riders including: McGrath, Windham, Villopoto, Lusk, Dowd . . . and these are the same techniques they used while winning Pro Championships.  All the riders Gary has trained have won 26 AMA Pro Nationals and Supercross Championships.  So Gary feels he can safely promise you that when you learn and apply the methods in this DVD Your Jumping Skills Will Improve Big Time!!!

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