How To Win Starts, Motocross Hole Shot Secrets.


Everyone knows the start is the most important part of a race. If I had a dollar for every time a pro made that statement I’d be a millionaire.  In this How To Win Starts DVD Gary breaks down all the important starting techniques in an easy to understand and practice format so you can become a hole shot artist.  Gary also gives you all the other tips and secrets to winning starts. State of the art editing equipment is used with slow motion and stop action so you can see exactly how it all works. Don’t follow the pack, be a leader and learn HOW TO WIN STARTS.

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Starts are sort of like gun fighting.  A gun fighter has to be quick on the draw but at the same time he has to be smooth and have a good aim in order to hit the target before the target hits him.  In motocross you also have to be quick, at the same time you have to be smooth with your clutch and throttle control and your body movements.  If you mess up at least you won’t get shot but you may get run over in the first corner.
There are three important aspects of the start.  The single most important aspect of the start is the clutch.  Excellent clutch control is the key.
The other two aspects are throttle control and body movements.
This ‘How To Win Starts Motocross Hole Shot’ DVD breaks down, explains and shows each one separately and all the detailed techniques that go with them.

Gary also explains and shows all the body positions and movement for different soil conditions, from hard and slippery to tacky, not only the body mechanics but also the methods and strategies to get the two launches.  The first launch is from a dead stop, the second launch is just after the gate.  The gate has a hugh impact on your start.  Learn what it is and how to not be so affected by it like most of your completion will be affected and slowed!

There are usually ruts behind and in front of the gate.  Discover how to launch straight and use the ruts to your advantage.  Don’t get caught in the carnage, make life a lot easier on yourself and start with the front of the pack!

Here’s what former Factory Rider Brock Hepler has to say:
”I was really having troubles with my starts during the 05 season so I had a private lesson with Gary. Just the few hours I spent with Gary made a huge improvement in my starting abilities. During the remaining Nationals I won 6 motos and 2 overalls.” (Factory Suzuki’s Brock Hepler)

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