Motocross Hard Packed Cornering Techniques.


Motocross Hard Packed Cornering Techniques.

Motocross racers know the places they can make up the most time or loose the most time is in the corners.  Corners are so important that even the top pros practice corners separately in their practice sessions.  Carving a corner smoothly, fast and in control is an art form.  Although the techniques for cornering are the same for every rider, each rider has his own style doing them.  It’s like a finger print!   So how do you become fast, smooth and in control though the turns?  How do you develop your own personal cornering fingerprint?

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Motocross Hard Packed Cornering Techniques.

In order to become really good at cornering you have to know all the cornering techniques inside and out and then practice them frequently.
There’s much more to cornering than just leaning over and going through the turn.  There are many techniques for cornering between the rider and motorcycle.
There are even techniques that affect the handling of the motorcycle in the corner. These techniques make the motorcycle either hold the track or break loose and pivot, slide through the corner.

Did you know that applying power or braking with the rear brake has a big effect on your front wheel steering?  For example, when you’re leaning over while accelerating the rear wheel is doing some of the steering, making it easier on the front wheel and keeping it from sliding out, especially when you’re on the limit.  Of course how much power is being delivered to the rear wheel is going to have a big effect.  If just a light to moderate amount of power, it just supports the front wheel steering and keeps it from sliding out.  If you apply a lot of power to the rear wheel you will begin power sliding which will cause the front wheel to counter steer.  These techniques are known as steering with both wheels.

Regarding the braking effects on front wheel steering, did you know when you are leaning over in a corner and using the rear brake it pulls the front wheel back and to the inside.  This not only makes the bike steer tighter but also keeps the front wheel from sliding out, again, especially when you’re on the limit.

These techniques apply to both 2 and 4 strokes and all bike sizes.
Many riders think the techniques are different between 2 and 4 strokes.
Obviously, the bikes feel and act differently but the techniques between rider and motorcycle are the same!

Topics Covered:

1. Slippery Corners.
2. Slow Motion Practice.
3. Hard Flat Corners.
4. Five Controls.
5. Weighting the Outside Footpeg.
6. Differences Between 2 and 4 Strokes.
7. Standing to Sitting.
8. Finding the Best Traction in the Corner.
9. Braking In Hard Slippery Corners.
10. Passing.
11. Practice Drills.

To get your cornering finger print there are many more cornering techniques to know and practice.  Discover them all in this Motocross Hard Packed Cornering Techniques DVD!

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