All About Motocross Cornering Techniques.


Cornering is one of the most important parts of motocross racing.  Jumps are for show, corners are for dough!  This 46-minute #7 DVD of the Volume 1 Series was producing in 1998.  It was our best-selling cornering DVD for many years at $39.95.  Now you can learn all these awesome cornering techniques that are still the same today for a 76% discount at just $9.95.  Learn Gary’s time tested and proven cornering techniques and practice methods so you can experience how smooth and fast corners are supposed to be taken.

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Many of the former and current top pros you have seen and still see racing today like, Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Marvin, Musquin, Zach Osborne, Blake Baggett any other elite motocross racers had to learn these same cornering techniques.  Through Gary’s over 25 years of teaching motocross he has put together the most effective practice drills for cornering that get the best results you’d expect from someone who’s personally trained Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham, Ezra Lusk, John Dowd, Branden Jesseman and many other top pros along with thousands of amateurs.  It’s all here in this All About Motocross Cornering Techniques DVD #7.

You’ll learn all about the best Practice Methods for Cornering, like how to use the Circle Drill, Oval Drill, Figure 8 Drill and Turn Track Drills.  Gary shows and explains the details for controlling entry speed, making a smooth transition at the Exit Dex (where you go from braking to accelerating, which is the most important part of the corner), how to carry momentum and stay on your line exiting the corner and so much more!  All the different track conditions are covered from hard and slick to muddy and rutted!

Learn from a lot of National Pro Racing in order to see these important techniques used in race action, featuring 125 National SX Champion, Branden Jesseman and many other top pro racers.  You’ll also learn from Gary and other riders (including Branden Jesseman) demonstrating the techniques in the different practice drills.

As in all of Gary’s motocross instructional DVDs, you’ll see a lot of slow motion and stop action while Gary explains the techniques and how to practice them in order to make them become natural and automatic.  If you ever want to ride like the pros you need to master the same techniques they have!

There’s even some humorous Bonus Footage to wrap it up.  A definite must have in order to improve your lap times and race results.  Sure, the bikes and gear are older but the skills and techniques are still the same!

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Weight 3 oz
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46 minutes


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