Motocross Braking Techniques


Proper braking techniques are your right-a-way to speed!  National Pros understand the importance of braking but under the pro and A Class levels most riders get it wrong. Did you know you should always go from braking to accelerating and from accelerating to braking with no coasting between? If you coast you are giving up 60% of your control at these critical parts of the corner. Should you pull the clutch in or leave it out when you begin braking? When should you begin to brake and where should you stop braking? How exactly do you control the brakes, especially when you go from standing to sitting?  You’ll get the answers to these questions and many more, all packaged in an easy to understand and apply format.  Discover race proven practice methods that get results fast!

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Motocross Braking Techniques.

The average straight-a-way into a corner uses the following techniques: When you first shut off the throttle you should be standing with your body position back (weight the pegs, not the handlebars).  As soon as the throttle goes off, both front and rear brakes should come on hard.  This is where you’re carrying the most speed and you’re not leaning over for the corner yet.  This way you can shut off the throttle late and carry more speed into the corner. Then you continue to control the brakes until the transition (where you go from braking to accelerating).  When it’s very rough all the way to the transition you can go from standing to sitting and let go of the rear brake, as long as you get on the clutch and throttle at that point.  Remember, no coasting!  But when it’s not too rough you should go from standing to sitting before the transition and still control the brakes.  This is where most riders give up the brakes and loose a lot of time at the most critical part of the corner, the “Transition”.   This will also cause them to have trouble holding their line, making it nearly impossible to hold an inside line.  Instead they will go wide out of the corner.  Another common mistake is hesitating between where they shut off the throttle and start braking.

These are just a few examples.  You will learn many more in this popular DVD.  Not only learn them but more importantly, learn how to make all the braking techniques run on auto pilot.  Guaranteed to take seconds off your lap times!!!

This motocross braking DVD shows how to learn each technique separately by setting up two practice drills for each technique, one stationary with your bike on the work stand and one in an action practice drill.

There are 8 Chapters:

1. The 3 Step Braking Drill.
2. Braking while Standing.
3. Rear Brake Adjustment.
4. Braking while Sitting.
5. Braking while going from Standing to Sitting.
6. Stopping Power.
7. Approach Dexterity.
8. Forks and Shock Adjustments.

You’ll discover there’s way more that goes into learning how to ride a dirt bike than people think!
Whether you’re breaking bad habits or learning for the 1st time, now you can learn to ride smooth, fast, in control and have more fun with more confidence and look great doing it.

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