Motocross Body Positions & Movements


There is so much to know about Body Positions and Movements! That’s why Gary started his Volume 3 MX Technique DVD Series (8 DVDs) with this first title.  This DVD includes all the techniques for body position and movements that Gary used to train McGrath, Villopoto, Windham, Dowd, Lusk, Roncada and many other pro and amateur racers. Learn how to use all the correct leverage factors in order to maintain the center of balance so you are working with the bike not against it. Let the bike do the work for you so you don’t have to work so hard.  It also shows you the drills and practice methods so you can learn them quickly.

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Motocross Body Positions Movements are a big part of your control! If you want to become a better rider quickly, this DVD is for YOU!!!

motocross body positions movementsIn this 1st 58 minute instructional DVD from Gary’s latest Volume 3 DVD series (8 DVDs), Gary breaks down all the techniques in detail. You’ll see exactly how to learn and practice all the motocross techniques for Body Positions and Movements so you can learn them and see results quickly.

This Techniques DVD offers a lot of slow motion, repeat frames and stop action footage while Gary explains the right techniques and the most common mistakes a rider could make in their body positions and movements.  You will also learn each technique separately by setting up two practice drills for each technique, one stationary with your bike on the work stand and one in an action practice drill.

There’s a lot more that goes into learning how to ride a dirt bike then people think!
All the riders Gary has trained have won 26 AMA Pro National and Supercross Championships, So we feel we can safely promise you that when you learn and apply the methods in this DVD your riding WILL improve… Big Time!!!

With an AMA Pro Supercross Title himself and over 30 years of teaching motocross schools, most racers you see on TV are using Gary’s techniques. Gary has put together the most effective methods and strategies to become a better rider!  This Volume 3 DVD Series shows you step by step how to learn and practice each technique in order to make them become automatic and natural!!!

You can order the DVDs in this Volume 3 Series (8 DVDs) one at a time or you can save $$$ by ordering them in Value Packs.  The Volume 3, all 8 DVDs or the VO3 first 4 DVDs or the VO3 second 4 DVDs.

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