Motocross Bike Setup.


You may already know from some of my other DVDs, that to flow like a pro the bike must become an extension of your body.  You must become one with the bike!  The pros are very particular about their motocross bike setup.  The five controls (Front and Rear Brakes, Clutch and Throttle and the Shifter) are adjusted perfectly, to their liking, every time they ride.  For every track they consider or adjust the suspension settings (spring preloads and clickers).  For extreme track conditions like, from hard packed to mud or sand they adjust the chassis, as well.

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The younger expert riders on 65s and 85s, also make sure the carburetor’s jetting is spot on.  Why ride or worse yet, race a bike that’s out of adjustment?  This 8th and final DVD (Motocross Bike Setup) of the Volume 1 Series covers all the important adjustments that every bike needs.  This is because of the differences in the rider’s weight, height and skill level.  Then there are all the different track soils and weather conditions. You will gain control, speed and confidence when all the components of your motorcycle are set up properly!

Learn in clear detail about how; the Carburetor Works – How to Test and Jet the Carburetor (2 strokes only) – Suspension and Chassis Works – How to Test and Adjust the Chassis – How to Test and Adjust the Suspension – How Tire Selection and Tire Pressure Work.

Gary has spent many years testing and adjusting factory bikes with factory technicians and mechanics. Now you can learn many of the things Gary has learned through all this hard work just by watching this DVD.  Your dirt bike should fit you like an extension of your body, does yours?

Demo Riders are 125 SX Champion, Branden Jesseman (#44), David Kilgore (#757), Gary Semics (#5) and many other riders from Amateur National and Pro National competition.  Slow motion, stop action and good sound quality will show you the rights and wrongs.  Even a stock bike that’s adjusted properly is better than the best mod bikes that aren’t adjusted right. Get yours right, it makes a big difference!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .4 in

47 minutes


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