Basic Jumping Techniques


This Motocross Basic Jumping Techniques DVD will teach you how to manage your body movements and throttle control through the most critical parts of the jump, the compression and rebound, with the rebound being most critical.  The rebound is where the bike actually leaves the ground, so all systems better be balanced and correct at this point.  It will also show and explain how to hit your landing targets with control and confidence.  Plus many more techniques and practice methods you will need in order to gain that jumping confidence you’re looking for!

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Being good at jumping can be one of the most difficult things to learn in motocross.  This is because you are either jumping or you’re not.  It’s kind of like stealing second base.  You can’t keep your foot on first base and steal second.  Just like you can’t jump and barely get the wheels off the ground.  The learning curve is not so steep when learning better cornering skills.  But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this fun and exciting aspect of motocross.  This Motocross Basic Jumping Techniques DVD from the popular Volume 3 Series has all your bases covered, whether you’re learning how to jump for the first time or you already have been jumping but want to improve.

Most half-decent riders think they can do the basic jumping techniques properly but Gary knows from over 25 years of teaching that many riders don’t know what they think they know.
In this instructional DVD you’ll discover exactly how to learn and practice the same basic jumping techniques the pros use.  We’re not talking about Whipping and Scrubbing yet but when the pros are not doing those more advance techniques, these basics jumping techniques are exactly what they are doing.
Gary should know as he’s trained many of the top pros in the sport. Especially THE LEGEND of Supercross – Jeremy McGrath.

You’ll learn over a dozen critical basic jumping techniques and how to adjust them for the following conditions;
1. Short Steep Jumps
2. Landing on the Front Wheel
3. Landing on the Rear Wheel
4. General Landing Techniques
5. Coming Up Short
6. Rhythm Jumps
7. Kicker Jumps
8. Proper Foot Placement on the pegs.

Jumping is the most fun aspect of motocross and it really is easy when you have perfected all the proper basic jumping techniques.  Stop taking unnecessary chances, learn the right way, be safer and have more fun!

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45 Minutes


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