Eliminating Arm Pump for Motocross.


Trying to ride with arm pump is the most frustrating thing known to man!  How can you enjoy riding when you can’t hold on and can’t control the clutch, throttle and front brake?  In this Eliminating Arm Pump DVD #6, Gary shares his time-tested methods and strategies for racing with strength and endurance in your arms, not lactic acid pump.  Gary used to suffer from arm pump.  He has heard about and tried all the common methods that most motocrossers know about but none of them worked.  The most common one is the weight and rope on a broom stick, where you whine and un-whine the rope, which actually made arm pump issues worse.  After trying all the methods, that didn’t work, he started to invent and test his own.

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Eliminating arm pump motocross
Jeremy McGrath and Gary during production.

After years of R&D on himself and other riders, he found the most effective exercises, stretching and self-massaging methods that got the results he was looking for, no more arm pump!  Of course, a lot of riding with the correct techniques, is the best way to get rid of arm pump but if you’re like most people you don’t have the time to do 3 or more days of riding every week.  As a result, your forearms are way out of shape for the demands that riding puts on them.

Conventional weight lifting exercises for your forearms will make your arm pump issues way worse, believe me, Gary already found that out the hard way more than once.

Save yourself a lot of time and frustration, this DVD #6 program works.  Join the thousands of riders who have eliminated arm pump with the simple Exercises, Stretching and Self-Massage methods in this Eliminating Arm Pump Motocross DVD.

There’s even some extreme bonus footage with Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Hughes and The Godfather of Freestyle, Mike Metzger airing it out in Southern California.

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15 minutes


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