2 Day MX School DVD with Gary Semics


This 2 day Motocross School instructional DVD is the next best thing to being at one of Gary’s personal classes and if you have attended a Motocross School Class this DVD is a great way to remember all the important MX Techniques you learned. With this DVD you can go through the class whenever you want and as many times as you want.  All the important techniques are explained and demonstrated in a stationary position and in action practice drills so it’s easy to catch on quickly.
Gary will demonstrate the techniques and then you’ll see other riders just like yourself practicing the techniques in the drills.  Then Gary will call all riders off the drill tracks, perform valuable critiquing and then observe as they go at it again.

You will learn the quickest and most effective ways to practice sweeping and bermed (rutted) corners, braking, jumping, whoops and starts, all the body positions and movements and all the secrets to becoming a better rider.
These are the same motocross techniques all the top pros are using.

Three hours and 10 minutes packaged in 2-disc set.

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Have you ever wanted to attend one of Gary’s personal 2 Day Motocross School but live too far away?  For over three decades Gary’s 40 hour work week has been teaching motocross.  For his efforts Gary has trained riders who have won 26 AMA Pro Championships!  Learning from the best in the business is a hugh advantage!  Here’s your chance to attend a 2 Day School with Gary, anytime, in the comfort of your own home.  Ok, it’s not as good as actually attending his school in person but it is the next best thing and it has it’s advantages, like cost and convenience!

For this DVD Gary hired a pro videographer to shoot and edit all the footage.  Gary was in charge of writing the script, directing the video shots and helping to organize the editing.  Many weeks of writing the shot sheet and planned were done before the shooting began.  Then many hours of footage was shot.  Then over 42 hours of editing before the final product came out.  This DVD has been very popular ever since.  It includes all the important techniques and highlights during the 12 hours of the 2 Day School that makes this over three hour DVD a MX teaching work of art!  With the way all the techniques for Cornering, Jumping, Whoops and Starts are broken down into separate learning blocks even the hard learners will get it!!!

You may want to have a look at our Certified MX Instructors to see if one is near you.  You may even want to see if you’re qualified to become a GSMXS Certified MX Instructor!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .4 in

3 Hours, 10 Minutes


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