The Art of Motocross Jumping and Whoops.


The Art of Motocross Jumping and Whoops DVD from the Volume 1 Series you will learn how the top pros make it look so easy.  When you see the top pros racing on TV or live at a Pro National, pros like, Zach Osborne or Jason Anderson, you may wonder how they make something that is so difficult look easy.  It’s as if they are one with the bike!  Well, they are one with the bike!  Everywhere they are connected with the bike (handlebars, foot pegs and seat) is an extension of their body.  Controlling the clutch, throttle and front brake are as easy as moving their hands and fingers.  Controlling the shifter and rear brake is as easy as moving their feet.  All these delicate, controlled movements are coordinated and running on auto pilot.  Their body movements are in constant motion in order to maintain the center of balance!  They use their sensation of speed and visual perception, of what they see ahead of them on the track.   This sensation of speed and visual perception is coordinated with the feeling of what the bike is doing, then their automatic reflex reactions are being used to maintain speed and control.

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This DVD shows the techniques in slow motion and stop action while Gary explains what you need to know for; Approach Speed into a Jump – what happens as you Hit the  Jump and Take Off into the air,  when you should be using the  Clutch and Throttle through the Jump – Rear Brake Control – Body Movements for Take Offs and Landings – The most Important Part of a Jump – Foot Placement on the Foot Pegs – Adjust M/C from Side to Side as you approach and Take Off the Jump – Setting up for the Jump – What to Focus Your Vision on – Getting it Sideways in the air –  The Three Ways to Take Whoops and some good, solid, proven methods and strategies on how to Practice the Techniques.  Build your Art Motocross Jumping Whoops skills and have the most fun possible on a dirt bike!

You will learn how to master the important motocross techniques of jumping and whoops using the same techniques that Jeremy McGrath and other top pros use! Gary should know because he trained Jeremy and many other top pros.  Other than the newest techniques of Scrubbing Jumps and Skimming Whoops all the other techniques are still the same today and used by the current top pro racers!   If you want to master these two latest advanced jumping skills, follow these links; VO3 DVD #8 Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques and VO2 DVD #3 All About Jumps and Whoops!  All the other jumping techniques are also in these two DVDs.

If you want to save $$$$ and still get the important moto techniques this DVD is for you!  Sure, the techniques are demonstrated on older bikes and gear (1994) but the techniques remain the same.  Don’t be afraid of Jumps or Whoops, Build Your Confidence with The Art of Jumping and Whoops!

Here’s what Jeremy McGrath and his dad (Jack) had to say:

Gary; thanks for your dedication, you performed magic again, until next time, your friend, (Jeremy McGrath).

 One of the biggest turning points in Jeremy’s improvement as an intermediate was The Gary Semics MX School. (Jack McGrath).

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × .4 in

28 minutes


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