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Why is Motocross Addicting, are you hooked on moto?

why motocrossWhy is motocross addicting? Motocross Addiction is contagious. The first sign is a fever. I’ve been spending most of my entire life, trying to figure out how to go faster on a dirt bike.  I realize that sounds pretty stupid to most people, but that’s because they don’t know about motocross.  So, I will[...]
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Best Motocross Training – Taught by MX Vets

best motocross trainingBest Motocross Training Every motocross rider, from the beginner to the seasoned competitor, wants to improve their skills, gain more enjoyment from riding, and achieve better performance. The Gary Semics Motocross School has been helping riders of all skill levels improve since 1985. Proven time after time, Gary Semics’ motocross training methods get the[...]
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Learn Dirt Bike Riding Techniques from Basic To Expert, All Taught By The Pros

dirt bike riding techniquesThe Gary Semics School of Motocross helps any dirt bike rider to quickly learn new skills and develop new dirt bike riding techniques as used by today’s top pros. To help beginners get started or more experienced riders to hone their techniques, the school offers a variety of free motocross riding tips. These techniques,[...]
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Motocross Schools for Vets – Ride smoother, break bad habits.

Motocross schools for vetsMotocross Schools for Vets This is the MX School that has coached riders who have won 26 AMA Pro Championships, from Jeremy McGrath to Ryan Villopoto! We do Motocross Private and Semi-Private (small groups) schools for Vet Riders (over 30) by appointment. We do the same for riders of all ages. We recommend the[...]
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Basic Dirt Bike Techniques – Learning proper techniques is Critical.

basic dirt bike techniquesBasic dirt bike techniques The first step in becoming a good dirt bike rider is learning all the basic dirt bike techniques. This is true with any sport; even the top pros still practice the basics. Sure they already know how to do the basics but they still practice them. Why, because they need[...]