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Motocross Schools for Vets – Ride smoother, break bad habits.

Motocross schools for vets

Motocross Schools for Vets

This is the MX School that has coached riders who have won 26 AMA Pro Championships, from Jeremy McGrath to Ryan Villopoto! We do Motocross Private and Semi-Private (small groups) schools for Vet Riders (over 30) by appointment. We do the same for riders of all ages. We recommend the riders in Semi-Private classes are close to the same skill levels. These Private and Semi-Private Lessons are scheduled by appointment and charged by the hour.

How you will be taught in the class.

motocross school for vetsPrivate and Semi-Private lessons are tailored for the riders in the class. You can tell the instructor what you need help with but usually it’s best to let the instructor point out what you need after he watches your ride. Then he will explain one technique at a time, how to do it correctly. Next a practice drill that uses a short section of the track or a special small area will be setup where you can practice the technique. The instructor will critique you and keep added more techniques and practice drills according to what you need to correct. After the class, within a day or two, Gary will send an email with the list of techniques that were covered. This way you can remember and continue to practice them correctly. If you are with a different instructor who doesn’t include this email, ask for it.

Group Classes.

motocross schools for vetsWe also do Group Classes for riders 12 years and older on 85s or larger. In these Group Classes the teaching format covers the techniques for Cornering on flat and rutted corners, Jumping (basic, launching and absorbing techniques), Starts and Rollers and/or Whoops. The instructor will start by watching everyone ride, then set up a practice drill and explain one or two techniques at a time and watch everyone on the drill. Periodically he will stop everyone and critique, other times he will pull one rider at a time off the drill, critique and continue. At the end of the day the riders, if they were paying attention, will know how they need to practice to keeping improving.

Gary’s Techniques/Training DVDs, Motocross Practice Manual and T-Shirts on sale

At Gary’s schools he has the MX Techniques/Training DVDs (28 titles), the popular Motocross Practice Manual and T-Shirts on sale at discounted prices. Or riders may prefer Gary’s new VOD Streaming platform. These are great ways to remember what you learned and keep improving your riding skills.

These Group Lessons run for six hours and cost 160.00 per rider. The instructional parts of the class usually last about 5 hours. Then there is time offered for open practice. What better time to practice when all the new techniques are fresh in your mind.

GSMXS Schools in other locations

motocross schools for vetsIf you can’t get to one of Gary’s personal schools you may be able to attend a school with one of Gary’s nine Certified MX Instructors located in six different countries.

Gary has coached riders who have won 26 AMA Pro Championships, from Jeremy McGrath to Ryan Villopoto! Don’t practice the wrong way, when you learn Gary’s time tested and proven practice methods you will be on your way to riding fast, smooth and in control!!!

motocross schools for vets
Gary in staging with Jeremy at his last Pro Nationals.

Gary; thanks for your personal help throughout my career. Your methods and strategies made my practice and training time much more effective. (Jeremy McGrath) More Testimonials.