motocross school for vets

Gary Semics Motocross School Group Classes

motocross school for vets

Proven time and time again, Gary Semics’ MX teaching methods get the best results!

Join the thousands of riders who have improved their motocross, dirt bike or woods riding skills by applying the practice methods they have learned from hands on training at this motocross school, at our Certified MX Instructors Schools or our MX Techniques/Training Streaming Videos. Since the school’s humble beginning in 1985 it has helped riders win 26 AMA Pro Motocross/Supercross Championships, from McGrath to Villopoto!

Update on Gary Semics’ Group Motocross Schools in Lisbon, OH…

Thanks for your interest in my Motocross Group Schools.  In April of 2022 our house and property sold. This also meant no more motocross track. About the same time, I turned 68 and after nearly four decades of doing Motocross Schools I wanted to retire from doing these schools.  But I’m not completely retired, as I’m still Certifying Motocross Certified Instructors and working on my Motocross Techniques/Training Video, which are available through my Streaming and Downloading platform. More info below.

Learn from my over 100 Motocross Techniques and Training videos. Instant Access, stream and/or download, Video On Demand!  This includes all the 29 DVDs, plus over 70 new videos that are not in the DVDs, with a new video added periodically. Now subscribers can have instant access to all of my videos, PDF files and audio files across all devices. You will also be able to download everything on the Intelivideo app, which is included free with your subscription. This will allow you to watch everything anytime, anywhere, across all mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and more, even without an internet connection. In order to see all the content, subscribe or rent  Click here!  We just started offering Video Value Pack Rentals, also!

Gary’s mobile phone: 330-277-9588
Email: Email Gary Semics
Facebook: GarySemics

Since the school’s humble beginning, in 1985, our students have won 26 AMA Pro Motocross/Supercross Championships, from McGrath to Villopoto!

Can’t get to one of these schools?  Here are some other options! 

Walt Smith
1 day course

From an email I sent to Gary after 1 day class June 2019:

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your class this past weekend. I have been away from dirt bikes for some 15 years while my kids grew up. I’ve gotten older and the bikes have changed a bit so I have definitely been frustrated trying to pick up where I left off. I knew I needed to spend time in a class like yours but instead I just jumped in there and started racing. My confidence has been lacking since coming back so spending the time in your class was well worth it as I feel a lot more “in charge” on the bike now.

Thanks for your encouragement and for sharing all your various thoughts on how to do this thing right. It has given me a lot to think about which is good for my brain to sort out. I hope to make it out to your place again next year.


Mark Visconti
5 stars

I was impressed with Garys way of doing things. The kids really do have fun as they are learning. In such a short time my son showed signs of improvement especially on cornering and rear braking when approaching corners. I highly recommend him for yourself and children in the sport of you get the opportunity.

Thoma fitchett
GSMX Group Class

Just attended a one day group class at ECMX,we started on corners Gary sent us out, watched for a few minutes called everyone in and gave us some things to try after just a few laps I could tell these techniques were working.Gary would also pull you off as a individual and tell you what you were doing wrong.after about 2 hours of this the rain started but instead of just setting around Gary had use get our bikes and bike stands and he showed us body positions.where your feet should be on the pegs and so on.this was a good class I wish Mother Nature would had waited tell we were done .will definitely attend another one of Gary's classes.

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