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Add your motocross testimonial as we’d love to hear from you. Since 1985 The Gary Semics Motocross School is proud to have assisted over 500,000 Motocross Riders of all abilities to sharpen their Motocross Riding skills and “become a better, safer rider”.

If you’ve found that the Gary Semics Motocross School and/or Videos has helped you develop or improve your skills as a motocross rider, please add your motocross testimonial and tell us your story using the form below -we love to hear from those we’ve helped!

If you allow it, we’d like to add your story to the many success stories found within this site – along with the likes of Villopoto, McGrath, Jesseman, Dowd, Fonseca, Lamson, Roncada, Lusk and so many more…

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