Motocross Schools

The Gary Semics Motocross Schools

We provide more ways to improve your Motocross Skills than any other MX School!

We provide access to our Motocross Schools with hands on coaching through our Group Motocross Classes and Private Motocross Lessons.  These are taught by our GSMXS Certified Motocross Instructors or David Kilgore or I (Gary).  We provide access in your home with our collection of 28 (and growing) Motocross Techniques and Training DVDs.  We even provide access to massive amounts of content through our Streaming (Video On Demand) Motocross Techniques and Training Videos and MX how-to PDF files.  This new Instant Access Video On Demand (VOD) technology enables you to watch Motocross & Dirt Bike Training Videos on any device, anytime, anywhere, 24/7 Streaming at the highest quality possible!

Learn all the secrets to become a better Dirt Bike rider, how you’d like, when you’d like, and where you’d like – just make your selection to
Learn to Become a Better Rider Today!

Motocross Training

DVD MX Training

With 28 DVD titles (& growing) covering all aspects of Motocross Techniques and Training you are sure to find the help you need to improve your riding skills and race results from your current skill level.

Learn to “Ride Like the Pro’s” with these results-proven Motocross Training Technique DVDs.

Stream MX Training Videos

Streaming MX Training

Watch all of Gary’s content with Instant Access Video On Demand on any device, anywhere, at any time in the best picture quality possible.
You’ll have access to all of Gary’s videos and PDF files, Audio Files and Online Coaching materials on all devices.
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Motocross racing training

Group MX Training

Learn the best techniques for starts, cornering, braking, jumping, absorbing, launching, and more & how to practice to keep improving with periodic individual critiques & suggestions at one of our Group MX Classes.
Don’t miss this opportunity to “Make Yourself a Better Rider”!

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Private MX Training

Don’t learn bad habits, but if it’s too late for that, learn how to break them. 
You will learn more in an hour then you would in a year of trial and error. 

Book a private 1-on-1 lesson with Gary Semics or any of our GSMXS-Certified Instructors and “Become a Better, Safer Rider” today!