Questions about the Gary Semics Motocross Schools & DVDs

Our GSMXS FAQ section answers many questions you may have concerning our Motocross Schools, DVDs and Streaming Videos.
Please contact us if you have other questions or concerns not addressed below.

What Time do the Schools begin?
For most classes you’ll need to be at the track by 9:30am and the classes start at 10:00am.
How long is each day of Motocross school?
A day’s class is 6 hours.
How many days are the Motocross schools?
The classes are scheduled per day, 1, 2, 3 days, weekly or monthly. The more days… the less the price per day.
Do you rent bikes for the Motocross School?
Sorry, No.
Do we stay there at the Motocross School?
Nearby hotel and campground information is sent to you in a conformation letter after you are signed up for a school and paid your $100 deposit. You can camp here at the Motocross Training track free for a few nights, after that there will be a 10.00 per night fee. There are no hookups.
Can we leave our bikes and/or trailer at the school overnight?
Yes, your trailer can be left in the pit area and we do have a building you can leave your bike in but we are not responsible for them.
Do you provide meals?
Sorry, No.
Can we bring our dog?
We have dogs so if your dog is friendly it’s okay, if not please leave your pet at home or you’ll have to leave it inside or in a cage.
How old do you need to be?
Gary teaches riders 12 years and older. David teaches riders 6 years and older.
What size bike do you need to have?
The younger groups must have either 50’s or 60’s, and the older group start at 80’s and up.
Does Gary travel?
Unfortunately, he doesn’t. He teaches at his personal track in Lisbon, Ohio in the spring, summer and fall. During the winter months he does some teaching in Florida, Virginia  and in North Carolina. He does have a list of trained GSMXS instructors who do travel and they can be reached through the GSMXS Certified Instructors page.
Do woods/trail riders benefit from GSMXS Motocross schools?
Yes, they do because most all the techniques are the same.
Where is the track?
Gary’s personal Motocross Training track is located in Lisbon, Ohio, right off of ST RT 45 on Eagleton Road.
When are the schools held?
All of Gary’s and most of David’s spring, summer and fall classes are held at Gary’s Private Track in Lisbon Ohio starting in April and go through October. Gary and David also teach in Florida, Virginia & North Carolina during the winter months.
How much do Motocross Classes Cost?
Please go to the “Private Lessons” page for Gary’s prices. Please call David at 330-277-1838 for his prices.
Do other GSMXS Certified Motocross instructors travel?
Yes, all the other instructors travel. For more information please go to the GSMXS Certified Instructors Page for more information.
How many riders are in the semi-private motocross class?
It varies, usually 2 to 4 riders. We’ve never had more than 6 in a semi-private .
What should we bring to the school?
You need to bring everything you would take to a race.
Bike, protective gear, fuel, parts, tools, lunch, plenty to drink etc.

Questions often asked about the GSMXS Riding Technique DVDs:

How old are the DVDs?
The oldest was produced in 1992. At this time the newest production is 2015. The techniques are still the same but there are several new techniques in the newer DVDs. Of course the bikes and gear look different. In the ‘additional information’ area of every DVD description will be the copyright date (example copyright 2006).
There are so many DVDs, which one/ones should I order?
There are three Motocross Technique Series Volumes (Technique Series Volume I including DVDs 1 through 8, Series Volume 2 including DVDs 1 through 4) and Series Volume 3 including DVDs 1 through 8. Then there are five stand alone DVDs, two CDs and a Motocross Practice Manual. It’s fine to buy an entire Series or buy them in order but you don’t have to except for the Volume 3 Series as it is made to watch in order. The best way to determine what’s right for you is to read the DVD descriptions. Some DVDs topics are broad, covering a lot of different techniques and some are more specialized- going more in depth on certain techniques and subjects. If you have any questions contact us or text or call Gary’s mobile at… 330-277-9588.
With all the new 4 strokes do the older DVDs still apply?
Yes, 2 stroke or 4 stroke- the techniques are still the same. Of course, there is a different feel between the two but the riding techniques are the same.
Are these DVDs good for all ages?
Most of the DVDs are beneficial for even the youngest riders.
We have found that even 4, 5 and 6 year olds will watch our DVDs for weeks.
In this case they learn from seeing and hearing things through repetition.
The DVDs that are not beneficial for riders under 14 are the fitness training DVDs like: Eliminating Armpump and The MX Conditioning DVDs.
Are the Technique DVDs good for Off Road Riders too?
Yes, the techniques apply to the motorcycle and rider.
What are the differences between the two #3 DVDs about jumping and whoops?
Motocross Training DVD #3 in Volume I was produced in 1994;  #3 in Volume II was produced in 2006. The newer DVD has more techniques.
What DVDs teach 'air time'?
Our Private MX Lesson DVD, both #3 DVDs in Volumes 1 and 2 and DVDs 6, 7 and 8 in Volume 3 each teach jumping techniques.
What DVD teaches how to whip the bike?
Our Private MX Lesson DVD, both #3 DVDs in Volumes 1 and 2 Series and the #8 DVD in VO3 teach whipping the bike. DVD #8 in VO3 also teaches Scrubbing the jumps.
Which DVD teaches starts?
Volume 1 DVD #2 and Volume 2 DVD #2 each contain information regarding ‘Starts’.
How are the DVDs shipped?
They are shipped US Priority Mail or 1st Class Mail.  These shipping methods are used for both Domestic and International. Delivery time veries from 2 day to 2 weeks depending on shipping method and location.

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