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Motocross Inspiration!!!

motocross inspiration

Motocross Inspiration, from an article in “Inside Motocross Magazine” with some of my additions;

Motocross riders are like one big family who share a unique fun loving life style. A life style consisting of all life’s up, downs, risks, challenges, defeats and victories. In motocross money talks and BS walks. There is no truer measure of one’s abilities than the starting gate and the checkered flag. Be a good sport and be a motocross inspiration to others!

Bikes change colors and styles, go from 2 shocks to 1, from right side up forks to upside down forks, from 3″ of travel to 12″, from 30 HP to over 60 and from 4 Strokes to 2 Strokes and back again. What doesn’t change is the racer who gets on the bike and gives it 100% every singe time while constantly dealing with the weight of the hopes, dreams and pressures of winning. Ultimately, motocross is about people, not motorcycles, Hondas can be red, silver, black or any other color but what matters is the man or woman twisting the throttle. It has always been this way and it always will be.

I give great admiration and appreciation to all the pro motocross racers because I know how much commitment and dedication it takes to get there.  As the sport keeps evolving there are a lot of talented hungry racers who have been working hard and sacrificing a normal life to make their dreams come true. Who will come out on top each year. We’ll just have to wait and see as the starting gate and the checkered flag decides.