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Receive an automatic Free “Bike Setup DVD” with this Volume 3 DVD Value Pack order!

Motocross practice drillsGary Semics’ Volume 3 Motocross Techniques Series (8 DVDs).  This 3rd and latest DVD series, delivers a knockout punch in making you a faster, smoother and safer rider.  With the dozens of techniques you will learn, coupled with the time tested and proven practice methods and strategies, you will improve at a rapid pace. Want to ride like the pros, it all starts here, as they practice and race with these same techniques!!!  Order this Value Pack and you’ll automatically receive a FREE VO1 #8 DVD (Bike Setup)! 

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DVD Special and Free DVD…

Receive an automatic Free “Evolution of Motocross DVD” with this Volume 1 DVD Value Pack order! 

motocross techniques value pack 1For a limited time, order this massively discounted Volume 1 Value Pack and automatically receive a free Evolution of Motocross DVD with your order. Click the Volume 1 link to order!





Evolution of Motocross DVD

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Video On Demand Streaming and Downloading subscription! 

You may prefer instant access to our Video On Demand Streaming and Downloading subscription! This includes all the DVDs, plus over 70 new videos that are not in the DVDs. New videos are added periodically! Now subscribers can have instant access to all of Gary’s videos, PDF files and audio files across all devices. You will also be able to download everything on the Intelivideo app, which is included free with your subscription. This will allow you to watch everything anytime, across all mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and more! Click here and get started today!  Limited time offer, just $9.99 a month!

Quote from The Winningest SX Racer of all time… Gary, thanks for your personal help throughout my career. Your methods and strategies made my practice and training time much more effective. – Jeremy McGrath