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Best Motocross exercises – and some of the worst!

best motocross exercises

Best Motocross Exercises for improving your riding skills!  

Training off the MX bike for motocross has become popular these days. But not all exercises are created equal.  There are many that will cause you to pump up and ride like Gumby.  It’s not only the exercises but how you do them, like, how much weight, reps and sets you do.  The best motocross exercises use a lot of reps and circuits, going from one exercise straight to another with no resting between.  The motocross rule, so to speak, is to do light weights with a lot of reps.  The word “sets” can be bad if you’re resting between sets.  Light weight circuits with a lot of reps are best.  Pull ups are, by far, not the best motocross exercise because unless you’re superman, you can’t do a lot of reps before reaching failure.

The way the body works in motocross is much different than other sports.  Therefore, it takes special sport specific training methods in order to get the best results.  Pull ups are not one of them.  Pull Ups are a recipe for arm pump.  But parallel pull ups are the next best thing to hip pockets, lol.  Watch this video to learn more.


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