How-To MX Skills made simple!

Motocross Skills Made Simple!

Learn the most efficient ways to improve your motocross skills. Motocross isn’t a sport that you can afford to learn the hard way. I’ve been through the “School of Hard Knocks”. Not only the school but also the University, apprenticeship, real world and finally retirement and now a motocross professor! Don’t waste your time and take unnecessary chances. Learn from my experience.

How to motocross techniques made simple is a short video about what I (Gary Semics) currently have going and where I’m coming from in the past. After a long pro racing career I kept studying what made the top riders be top riders. One area I focused on was their riding techniques. I kept learning and trying these techniques as the sport kept evolving on myself and then teaching these pro riding skills in my motocross classes. Of course they were difficult to teach to beginner riders. That’s why I discovered how to break all the 55 absolute techniques of motocross down into many separate parts and teach these separate parts to the lower skill leveled riders.

After about 7 years I started producing motocross how to videos. I made a new science, so to speak, on how to learn new skills on a dirt bike. Whatever you want to call it, like, motocross skills, motocross instructional, motocross 411, how to learn motocross, or whatever. I’ve produced motocross how to videos, and then how to motocross dvds, for rutted corners, flat corners, motocross jumping basics, how to whip it, how to scrub, how to win starts, how to ride sand, how to jump a dirt bike, how to practice motocross, how to ride hard, slick corners, you name it I’ve covered it in my MX courses and MX Instructional DVDs. So in case you bothered to read this text, have a look around the site. I’m sure if you want to improve your motocross riding skills you’ll find the most effective way to get it done.

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Gary Semics & Brock Sellards

I highly recommend using Gary Semics. I’ve learned how to focus and how to become a successful rider.

Any team with Gary as coach will definitely have an advantage.

Brock Sellards

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