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I began Gary’s training and diet program the end of May of 2007 when I weighed 180Lbs. My body fat was 28.7% and my endurance was pretty poor. I would fade out in a moto after 4 or 5 laps and come off the track very tired and worn out. The second motos were the same and I would find myself struggling to keep focused for the whole race.

I came home from Gary Semics with a nutritional plan and a workout program that Gary had tailored to suit my goals. I immediately began to train using his plan and having my mother cook only those meals that were called for in the program. I began to see progress almost immediately and found that the workouts were actually giving me more energy even though I was tired when I completed the exercises. My endurance began to improve and I noticed that I wasn’t getting as tired during races as I had been. The more I worked out and followed the plan, the better I felt and the better my strength and endurance became.

Within four months I was down to 148 lbs and my strength and endurance has skyrocketed. I don’t even think about it anymore during a moto. I can run 30 minute motos and feel good at the end of them. I come off the track in good shape and ready for moto 2. I can run several classes during the race day and not feel at all tired at the end of the day.

On the way home from the track, we don’t stop at fast food places anymore, we will find a good restaurant and have some chicken or fish for dinner so that my training can take advantage of the good nutrition that is available if you take a little time to look for it.All in all, the Gary Semics plan changed my whole outlook as well as my life. I am healthier, stronger and more able to race effectively since adhering to the program. My mental attitude has improved immensely as well.

This is a plan that I can be comfortable with for my whole life not just for racing. It makes sense and the results speak for themselves.

Austin Harvey – B Class

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Dear Gary:

I want to first off thank you for giving riders like myself the opportunity to read your free tech tips.

They have helped me so much as a rider as well as a human being. I love reading your tips and i think you should continue to write them.

I am 15 years old and i race the 125 novice class.

When i first started riding at age 11 i had no idea dirt bike racing would become my life and my whole mentality. I ride as often as i can, mostly everyday, practicing cornering and all kinds of things to become a better rider. I have a dream and a goal to race professional motocross.I strive for it and i won’t give up.

I have taken your tips and used them as much as i can, i try to think like a champion. I try to think positive all the time in all types of situations, good or bad. I work out everyday and try to stay as healthy as i can. I push myself harder and harder to keep getting better to someday reach my goal. I think i have what it takes to be a professional motocrosser and a good one at that. I have a lot of natural talent, I’m dedicated to riding, I have self-discipline, a positive attitude, and i have loads of motivation and a burning desire.

As I sit here drinking a protein smoothie getting ready to go to bed, I just want to personal thank you for what you are doing and to keep up the good work. Your tips have helped me so much, and i hope they will continue to do so.

Thank you,

Mark Grossman

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