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Gary Semics Motocross personal Private Lessons

Don’t learn bad habits and if it’s too late for that, learn how to break them. You will learn more in an hour then you would in a year of trial and error. 

I personally am only doing private and semi-private (2 or more riders)  lessons for select 85, B, A and Pro riders. If you’re not at this skill level see David Kilgore at the bottom of this page. If you are a Senior 85, B, A or Pro rider send in a request for a school and I’ll get back to you soon.  Send school request at: MX School Sign Up

David Kilgore teaches all skill levels. See his contact info at the bottom of this page. His 1 on 1 prices are 360.00 a day or 60.00 per hour. His semi-private lesson prices drop down per rider (up to 6 riders). Call or text David’s cell for more info and to schedule: 330-277-1838 or email. 

My private and semi-private MX lessons are scheduled by appointment and require a $100.00 deposit in advance of the lesson. Most of these lessons will be held at my private track in Lisbon Ohio.  Again, you may request an entry form at: MX School Sign Upemail us or call the GSMXS Headquarters at: 330-424-8049 or Gary’s cell: 330-277-9588. Once you are approved for a lesson with me (Gary Semics) we will send you a special link to a private entry form on our site. Then you send that in, right from the site, with your 100.00 deposit using your Master, Discover or Visa Card or you can pay with Pay Pal. After that you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. If you still have questions please see our Q&A page, email or call our office at; 330-424-8049 or text or call Gary’s cell: 330-277-9588

See 2013 GS MX Track. 

Gary’s – Private and Semi-Private Classes by Appointment
$100.00 deposit required per rider. For more advanced Riders
1 Rider  = $600.00 4 Riders = $270.00 each
2 Riders = $380.00 each 5 Riders = $240.00 each
3 Riders = $300.00 each 6 Riders = $210.00 each

The above prices for all the Private and Semi-Private Lessons are for a 6 hour day class.  I am also offering these lessons by the hour. So you can remember what you learned in the lesson you’ll receive my Motocross Practice Manual. I will mark what techniques we worked on that you need to improve. You will also be able to follow up with me through email or phone with questions and progress reports.

Gary’s – Private and Semi-Private Classes by Hour
1 Riders  = $100.00 per hour 4 Riders = $50.00 per hour
2 Riders = $80.00 per hour 5 Riders = $45.00 per hour
3 Riders = $60.00 per hour 6 Riders = $40.00 per hour

After a rider has logged 6 hours within a week, for the next month, they will receive a 20% discount. If they continue to log 6 hour every 2 weeks, after another month they will receive a 30% discount. email or call for details.  You will learn more in an hour then you would in a year of trial and error. 

Can you become a GSMXS Certified Instructor? 

Testimonials About My Private Motocross Lessons :

I’m very excited about training with Gary, I think his training and workout programs have a great deal to offer. When I first met Gary he pointed out the simplest things about my bike set up, once we made those changes there was a huge difference in my riding. He also has helped me with the positive mental thinking side of riding. That has helped enormously!

I think my future will no doubt include Gary Semics, I think who else would I have train me other than the man that trained McGrath! ……. Ryan Villopoto

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Instructor David Kilgore

 Private Lessons with GSMXS Instructor David Kilgore

David Kilgore, my step son, has been doing motocross schools for over 13 years and has become an excellent instructor with a lot of happy returning riders. David’s price for a 1 on 1 is 360.00 for a full day. He also does lessons by the hour and semi-private lessons as well. David has learned all my techniques and strategies and of course he has been to many of my group and private schools. David has a special talent for teaching and communicating his point to riders so they can understand and do what he teaches.

David also teaches in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and several other states during the winter months.

Check with David to see what he has available; email or call him for schedules and more info 330-277-1838.


What do my clients say?

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Gary you rock!

I bought your online version of how to win starts.

I spent a lot of time practicing the techniques you demonstrated in this video and several others I bought from you and it paid off.

I had my first race a couple of weeks ago. I ended up with two holeshots and an overall win!

It was the best money I ever spent.

Thumper Talk Member Eric1231 

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