Motocross Group Classes

Motocross Schools Group Classes

Proven time and time again, Gary Semics’ teaching methods get the best results!

Join the thousands of riders who have improved their riding skills by applying the practice methods they have learned from hands on training at the schools or the Techniques DVDs/Streams. Since the schools humble beginning in 1985 it has helped riders win 26 AMA Pro Motocross/Supercross Championships, from McGrath to Villopoto!

Gary Semics’ 2017 Group Class Schedule

I (Gary Semics) have done three group classes so far this year. Two at Devil’s Ridge in Sanford, NC and one at the South Fork track in Disputanta , VA.  I plan to do these same group classes again during February, March and April of 2018 in NC and VA.  Currently I only have two group classes scheduled for 2017 that are listed below.  More maybe added before or after.  Follow me on my Facebook page or in this site’s News for the latest news.  See info for David Kilgore (below), who is also teaching at my track in Lisbon, Oh through the spring, summer and fall.

Gary Semics Motocross Schools at Devil’s Ridge in Sanford, NC, over the Thanksgiving Weekend.  (taught by Gary personally)  The dates are; Saturday and Sunday November 25th and 26th 2017.

These will be two separate classes. The first class on Saturday is for beginner and C class riders. The second class on Sunday is for B and A class riders.  If you’re an 85 or Vet rider please use good judgment as to which class you should enter.

In order to be able to critique each rider, I only take a maximum of 15 riders per class.  The cost of each class is $160.00. Email, text or call my mobile 330-277-9588 to find out if any spots are still available and get signed up.  You can save your spot with a $60.00 deposit from Pay Pal or a CC.  The remaining $100.00 will need to be paid in cash at the school.  For these classes riders must be 12 years or older on an 85 or larger.

What you will learn in the class?  All the important techniques for flat and rutted corners and the jumping techniques for absorbing (staying low) and launching (getting more height and distance). Not only will you learn all these time, tested and proven techniques, but you will also learn how to practice them in order to keep improving after you leave the school.  I setup practice drills so all the techniques can be practiced through repetition. This enables the riders to repeat each group of techniques over and over again.  Then, periodically, they are stopped and critiqued individually.  There are no long talks.  Instead all the riders get to ride a lot.  They get a lot of quick critiquing and they are riding again. The end results have been phenomenal.  Don’t miss this opportunity to “Make Yourself a Better Rider”!

Since the school’s humble beginning, in 1985, it has helped riders win 26 AMA Pro Motocross/Supercross Championships, from McGrath to Villopoto! 

At all of my group class schools, I will also have my most popular Motocross Techniques DVDs, The Motocross Practice Manual and GSMXS T-Shirts on sale at discounted prices!

Email, Text or call; 330-277-9588

David Kilgore’s 2017 Group Class Schedule in Lisbon, OH

Saturday and Sunday May 20 & 21 and Saturday and Sunday June 17 & 18. 

Sign up with David early as the max entries are 15 riders per class. Contact David at; Email, Text or Call; 330-277-1838. Facebook  You will need to leave a $100.00 deposit by Pay Pal.  The remaining $200.00 needs to be paid in cash at signup the morning of the school. Classes will run from 10:00 to 4:00. Please bring a lunch (30 minutes).  These group classes are only for riders on 85s or larger and 12 years old and older. 

Check back as more group classes may be added throughout the year.

If you’re too far away to attend one of our personal schools you maybe close to one of our Certified Instructors.  If not or even if you do get to a school the Techniques DVDs are a great way to remember and continue to practice what you have learned.

Can’t get to a school? See free previews and order DVDs or Streams Online!

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

We (David Kilgore and I) also offer private and semi-private lessons at the Lisbon, Ohio track from April through October. We’ll also be doing them in NC and central Florida Jan. Feb. and March. For more info about Private and Semi-Private Lessons see the MX Private Lessons page.

Have questions, refer to our FAQ page and/or email or call our office or my cell. Office: 330-277-9582 Gary’s Cell: 330-277-9588.

For lessons with David Kilgore contact Email or cell phone 330-277-1838 

Check out the rider friendly GSMXS  track layout in Lisbon, OH. 

Free 34 minute video of May 2011 School

Can you become a GSMXS Certified Instructor? 

Testimonial from Jeremy McGrath and Jack (his father).

Jeremy and I 1996

“One of the biggest turning points in Jeremy’s improvement as an intermediate was

The Gary Semics Motocross School” (Jack McGrath)


“Gary; thanks for your personal help throughout my career. Your methods and

strategies made my practice and training time much more effective. (Jeremy McGrath)


What do my clients say?

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EJ, (Eric Johnson)You should see the AMAZING collection of photos of Gary I got from Dick Miller.

This could be a visually stunning feature.

And make sure you ask Gary about holeshots — I still say he was the best ever.


Davey Combs – Racer X Magazine

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