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I just wrote this short article about “Training” thought you might enjoy it and hopefully get some motivation from it.

People who don’t exercise regularly don’t know what they’re missing. I remember being in my teens and racing motocross. Back then the motos, even at many local races were 30 minutes. I found out very quickly that I had to be in good shape if I was going to last. So as I got a little older, in my late teens, I started training hard, doing things like running, bicycling, and lifting weights. At this time when I started I absolutely hated it. But I would force myself to do it because I knew I had to if I wanted to maintain good results in motocross.

Back in those days, there wasn’t much, if any, information about how to train for motocross. So with the little knowledge I had I thought the harder the better. So every time I would go out to bicycle, run or lift weights I was definitely maxing out. I would exercise until exhaustion. No wonder I didn’t like it. It was so hard. Over the next few years I would have weeks when I was over training and then weeks where I wasn’t training enough, never really getting the right combination and balance.

Over time, as I gathered more information and worked things out better regarding my training routines things started to turn around. Right around the age of 21 my training routines became a habit. Before I knew it I was actually liked to train. As a matter of fact I didn’t like the way I felt when I didn’t train. So basically I was always training, it became not only a habit but a lifestyle. Now at age 58, I can safely say that it is an addiction. I simply feel so much better when I train, so why stop doing it.

Of course, over all these years of training I have learned a great deal about training, especially training for motocross. I have developed many training routines in order to keep it interesting and also more beneficial because of working the body differently.

I have also studied many sources of information about training from universities, books, videos and just meeting and talking to other athletes. One interesting subject I’ve learned about is how physical exercise changes the hormones in your body. Everyone has heard of runners high, well that is a euphoric type feeling one gets when they exercise rigorously. The more one exercises, the more these hormones are built up and released in the body, hormones like dopamine and many others that I can’t spell. The experts say that our bodies are like a pharmacy store capable of producing all types of drugs naturally. The so-called runners high is what I’m addicted to.

Many times, I don’t feel like exercising, but I know that once I get started, and for me it’s a seven minute warm-up, then everything changes, the way I feel is a night and day difference. That’s what keeps me going with my exercise habits and routines. That is just the immediate benefits but there are long-term benefits as well. Sports medicine experts have run countless tests and all the results always point to many health benefits, like maintaining your ideal weight, low blood pressure, healthy heart, and you name it, there are many, many health benefits through a good exercise routine.

So if exercise makes you feel so good and has so many health benefits, why isn’t everybody exercising. In fact, it’s pretty much just the opposite. The majority of people do not exercise and avoid it at all costs. The answer is simple, they haven’t done it long enough for these hormonal chemical processes to build up strong enough that they can feel the benefits from them. I don’t know if I would have either if it wasn’t for my strong desire to be competitive in motocross. I’ve been fortunate to keep motocross in my life as a job for so long. This has given me the opportunity to exercise and ride as much as I want to. I know for most people, especially as they get older, this is not the case and finding the time to exercise and ride becomes more and more difficult. Most people have so many other responsibilities with another type of job, raising a family and so many other things, I guess you could say that life gets in the way.

I think the problem for a lot of people is they don’t get themselves organized so they can exercise. Many of them may think that they have to go to a gym and do all this time-consuming set up stuff in order to exercise. Basically, I think they come up with a whole lot of excuses. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. When you first start out exercising you don’t have to do it for an hour, not even a half hour, you can start with 10 minutes. You also need at least one piece of cardiovascular stationary exercise equipment. I have found the best thing is the Schwinn Aire Dyne because it works your arms and legs, all of your body at the same time. Other choices are a treadmill or a stationary bicycle. This way when the weather is bad, you can still do your cardio exercises right at your home. Of course, when the weather is good you can ride a bicycle
outside, run, swim, play racquetball or any other types of cardio exercises that you can like or at least learn to like.Gary Man Pull ins 1 A WS

Gary Man Pull ins 2 A WSSo, if you are one of those people that have already discovered the benefits of exercise my hat’s off to you and you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re really lucky exercise as become an addiction and you really get it.  If you’re going to be addicted to something, it might as well be something that’s good for you. If you’re one of these people that haven’t discovered the benefits of exercise as a habit do yourself a favor and get started and don’t stop. The key is just don’t listen to your mind coming up with all the excuses, ignore it and do the exercise anyway, knowing that after your seven minute warm-up you’ll feel totally different. Not to mention a whole lot better after the exercise program has been completed.

It doesn’t matter how far out of shape you are now or how old you are it is never too late to start exercising and stay on a good routine, changing it up occasionally to keep it interesting. There are way too many Americans who are way, way out of shape and overweight. Most have become addicted to food and being still. They can break these additions by replacing them
with a much, much better, more powerful addiction: MOVING AND BREATHING. Don’t procrastinate, start now!

If you want to get in good shape for riding motocross or off-road. I have an excellent DVD called the (MX Conditioning DVD) with diet info and a Training Manual (PDF file) that will show you the best training programs to improve your motocross riding.

Ride smart and have fun,

Gary Semics

Also, from just last week here’s a couple of helmet cam laps from me riding this unique private Florida motocross track.


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Just wanted to pass along a “thank you” for your products.

I am a 40+ rider now after 26 years away from the sport and purchased your complete catalog to get the much needed information to refresh my mind and I must say that all of the instructional materials have helped considerably!

Thanks Gary – I do ride smarter and safer thanks to your knowledge!!

Chad Miller

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