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The proof is in the results! Another happy camper leaves our motocross school with high hopes! I did a two day, two hours per day, private lesson with Andrew, age 32. Andrew was a pro until age 22, when he had to give up his dream and get a real job. At 30 he got back into riding but was having trouble regaining the flow and fun of riding. He also had two major injuries, a badly sprained ankle, two broken ribs and a broken collarbone. After two, two hour lessens he left here being encouraged and happy, feeling the flow again! He was so encouraged that he set up a figure 8 in his back yard.


The two photos show Andrews’s body position while cornering before and after. That’s just one of the 9 techniques we corrected!

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What do my clients say?

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My name is Chad Brizendine and I wanted to thank you for what you have taught me in mx!

I started off as so-so rider and would often crash hard in races and as a result not finish.

When I went to your school, I wasn’t faster right away, but as months went on, people told me, ” where is the Chad that i know?” I was riding even with the guys in class above me!!

So i started racing and ever since have never had worse than a 5th overall!!

Your school that i attended last june was just what i needed move me to the next level. I dont think I could put a price on your school. I love MX so much more that I got a brand new bike and I ride almost every weekend at Tecumseh, MI.!!


Chad Brizendine #243

Fenton, MI

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