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The proof is in the results! Another happy camper leaves our motocross school with high hopes! I did a two day, two hours per day, private lesson with Andrew, age 32. Andrew was a pro until age 22, when he had to give up his dream and get a real job. At 30 he got back into riding but was having trouble regaining the flow and fun of riding. He also had two major injuries, a badly sprained ankle, two broken ribs and a broken collarbone. After two, two hour lessens he left here being encouraged and happy, feeling the flow again! He was so encouraged that he set up a figure 8 in his back yard.


The two photos show Andrews’s body position while cornering before and after. That’s just one of the 9 techniques we corrected!

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Remember the guy bought the DVD’s for 2 months back? Anyway he asked me to thank you because this morning there was an open practice at the national track and he is clicking 8 seconds faster than his previous record and he is saying that he “never realized those drills really worked until he was on the track” He is really pleased and he is now convinced to buy the rest of the DVD’s you have.. within the week I’m going to sit with him and help him place an online order :)..

Basel Shuhaiber

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