Motocross Cornering Jumping Scrubbing Whipping Training DVDs and Streaming Videos.

Motocross Cornering Jumping Scrubbing Whipping Training how to DVDs and Streaming Videos.

Jeremy and I at his last outdoor motocross National.

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Buy single Motocross Instructional DVDs or Streaming Video or save big time with our DVD Value Packs. 28 titles available, covering all 55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross. Explained in detail are all the important techniques for Cornering on flat and rutted corners, Basic Jumping skills along with Scrubbing and Whipping skills, Starts and Whoops are also covered in detail. Also covered are special practice drills for each group of motocross techniques enabling you to make the techniques become natural and automatic. There are even two fitness training DVDs or Streaming Videos where you will learn the most effective training methods and strategies for training off the bike. Plus, the popular Motocross Practice Manual that list all The 55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross. This 57-page manual has illustrating photos and describes what you need to know about each technique. This is a great tool to take to the track for easy reference.

This school (the Gary Semics Motocross School) and our Motocross Techniques and Training DVDs have helped riders win 26 AMA Pro Motocross and Supercross Championships! Racers from McGrath to Villopoto and many other top pros. This is the best place for you to become a better, safer rider!


Photo of all DVDs, Practice Manual and the two CDs.

Click here for the complete list of all DVD Value Packs and singles.
Click here for the Motocross Practice Manual and the two CDs.
Motocross Online Coaching also available.

Special winter 30% off sale on all DVDs and The Motocross Practice Manual!  Many of the DVDs are already on sale, especially the Value Packs.  Use the code GSWINTER30OFF and receive an additional 30% off. On some of the Value Packs that’s a total of 80% off. On some of the singles that’s an unheard of 90% off.  Use this code at checkout; GSWINTER30OFF 

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What do my clients say?

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Dear Mr. Semics,

I would like to thank you for the outstanding instruction you gave my son during the recent May 5th and 6th group class.

Your verbal instruction followed by your professional riding skills was perfect for PJ. At the conclusion of the class he was able to put his newly learned skills to the test at Budds Creek. His starts, turns and new found comfort with jumping allowed him to finish in the top 3 of both the schoolboy and 125B class events.

We just returned from the LL Unadilla area qualifier where he was required to learn the track for the first time and race all in the same weekend. He qualified for both the Schoolboy stock and mod classes.

I am convinced that he would not have been capable of such success without your professional instruction. We look forward to coming back for both individual and group classes in the future.


Paul Heilig Senior & PJ Heilig #139

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