2 Speed Secrets on Rhythm Jumps (video)

Motocross Rhythm Jumps are super fun when you do them right! 

Motocross rhythm jumps are all about carrying speed and hitting your landings just right. Don’t be caught slowing down between the jumps and wasting time in the air. This Motocross jumping video tip will help you understand it, be able to do it correctly and then do it correctly through repetition! Those are the 3 keys to learning anything new. Body positions and movements, along with throttle control are critical when it comes to jumping rhythm jumps.  You need to feel and time the compression and rebound between each jump and use body movements and throttle control to hit your landing targets.  Another big help is to look ahead early.  When possible spot your landing target just before you take-off the previous jump. 

Those are just some quick tips to get the job done. For all the secrets on rhythm jumps and Scrubbing and Whipping you’ll love these two DVDs or Streams: “Seat Bouncing and Launching DVD or Stream” and “Scrubbing and Whipping DVD or Stream” 

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What do my clients say?

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Gary and Cindy:

I want to thank you for the great time my son and I had and the great lessons on motocross technique you taught.

We hit the practice track Sunday right after school and worked on the cornering techniques and controls and what a difference I can feel in my ability, confidence, control, and speed.

I’m also very glad we purchased the training manual; it reminded us of the lessons and helped us apply the proper technique.

I’m sure my son and I will return for another class in the fall or spring. I’ll let everybody I ride with what great lessons you share through your program.

Best Regards,

Jamie and Corey Byron

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