The 2 most common Motocross Cornering mistakes.

Don’t keep making these 2 most common Motocross Cornering Mistakes!

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 Vets DVD FRONT from PDF sizedAvoid the 2 most common motocross cornering mistakes. Motocross corner speed is a key factor in having fast lap times and getting good race results.  If you want to have them you can’t be making these 2 technical mistakes. They will slow you down while going into every corner.  

Understanding the techniques of doing corners fast, smooth and in control will enable you to have a lot more speed and control into and through the corners. Most times, what you think you know isn’t enough. Many times, the rest of what you need to know has been right there the entire time, you just didn’t recognize it.

The most critical part of the corner is at the transition. What is the transition? It’s where you go from controlling the bike with the brakes to controlling it with the clutch and throttle. There can’t be any coasting between. You go from braking to accelerating. How simple is that?  Now that you know it you will need to consistently practice it correctly at a slow pace. Then later you can start adding speed to it. Once you have it down you will be amazed how much faster your corners will be. It’s way more fun when you can ride your dirt bike through the corners with speed, control and consistency every time! 

To really improve your corner speed watch this free “Motocross Braking Techniques DVD” preview and then order the DVD or Stream online.

For you Vets riders here is the link to my “Motocross Skills for Vets (How to Improve Your Motocross Corner Speed and Control”. 



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Gary you rock!

I bought your online version of how to win starts.

I spent a lot of time practicing the techniques you demonstrated in this video and several others I bought from you and it paid off.

I had my first race a couple of weeks ago. I ended up with two holeshots and an overall win!

It was the best money I ever spent.

Thumper Talk Member Eric1231 

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