Motocross Hard Packed Cornering Techniques made simple. VO3 DVD #4.




motocross hard packed cornering techniques

Motocross Hard Packed Cornering Techniques

Motocross Hard Packed Cornering Techniques delivers the information for mastering those tricky Hard, Slick Corners where you need to slide the bike through the corner. You’ll learn all the do’s and don’ts through slow motion and stop action while I explain the right techniques and the most common mistakes.

Riding fast on hard, slippery ground is easy when you know how to master all the correct techniques. It really is actually easier physically because you have to be more precise and smooth, you can’t be as aggressive as when you have good traction. How do you think the top pros make it look so easy? Now you can learn the exact same techniques they use. I should know as many of them have learned from my schools and/or Technique DVDs. Don’t get frustrated, get the correct techniques and you’ll see how easy it should be.

These techniques apply to both 2 and 4 strokes and all bike sizes. You’ll learn how to practice and master all the techniques so you can handle those hard, slippery corners smooth, fast and in total control every time.

This 43 minute DVD has the following 11 chapters;

1. Slippery Corners. 2. Slow Motion Practice. 3. Hard Flat Corners.  4. Five Controls. 5. Weighting the Outside Footpeg. 6. Differences Between 2 and 4 Strokes. 7. Standing to Sitting.  8. Finding the Best Traction in the Corner.  9. Braking In Hard Slippery Corners. 10. Passing. 11. Practice Drills.

Here’s what Troy Adams has to say:

I really appreciate all that you have taught me. I’ve been in the dark for such a long time about all the right combinations it takes to succeed in motocross and become a winner. You have brought me a long way just in the past few months and made me aware of just how much work and effort is supposed to be put forth to be a winner. You are definitely one I will stay in contact with for years and continue using your training methods because I know my improvements on the bike have come from working with your points and methods and also preparing me mentally for things to come.  Troy Adams (Team Samsung/Wireless Honda Team) more testimonies

I guarantee you’ll see big improvements in your riding and/or racing skills on those hard, slippery surfaces when you learn and apply what’s in this DVD


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 Running time: 43 minutes

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What do my clients say?

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Gary & Cindy,

I wanted to let you know how very, very pleased Evan (#106) and I were with the  school the past two days, 4/25 & 4/26. The whole experience was exceptional.

From my perspective as a parent, everything was handled with such professionalism. The reservation process, the instructions and information that was mailed to us, the response to email questions were all excellent.

The two days at the school were even better. The facilities, the organization, and the approachability of both of you (and David as well) made it all a wonderful trip for both of us.For Evan, the instruction was phenomenal.

The amount of information provided, the pace of the class, everything about it he found fantastic. He hasn’t stopped talking about it. On a scale of 1 to 10, he says itwas an 11. He just can’t stop talking about not only how much he learned, how much he sees how it has and will help him, but also how much fun it all was.

For you to be able to provide so much instruction and make is so enjoyable is really fantastic. He is really looking forward to practicing all the techniques he learned. And he is hoping to be able to return in the future to refresh his understanding as well as learning even more. He feels he grasped much of the information but knows that a return visit would be very helpful and that he has so much more to learn.

Again, I want to thank both of you for all you did for my son and myself.I do hope that we will make it out again when it makes sense for Evan.

Thank you SO much.



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