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Clutch, Throttle & Shift FRONTThis instructional DVD or Stream shows exactly how to master the techniques for Clutch, Throttle and Shifting all in 36 minutes!!

All the top riders in the sport have had to master these Clutch, Throttle and Shifting Control Techniques. Of course any half descent rider can use these controls of the motorcycle but it takes a lot more than just using them, IT BECOMES AN ART. In order to have control, speed and a smooth consistent riding style you have to learn all the details of exactly how and when to use them. These controls have to become an extension of your body. Using the Clutch, Throttle and Shifter should be as easy as moving your fingers and feet.

How do you think the top pros can ride so fast and smooth? It’s not just from Body Position and Movements, the other part of their control comes from mastering the use of the 5 controls of the motorcycle (Clutch, Throttle, Front and Rear Brakes and the Shifter). VO3 DVD #2 covers the front and rear brakes along with a little info about the Clutch, Throttle and Shifter but this DVD gets into the details you’ll need to learn about these 3 important controls of the bike if you want to ride fast, smooth and in control. Find out what you’ve been missing when you learn what’s in this 36 minute DVD.

Learn exactly how to use the Clutch and Throttle to clear doubles right out of corners, how to slide through slippery corners, how to square up a corner, jump through a rhythm section, how to Power Shift and much, much more.  Stationary and Action Practice Drills are used along with track action to show and explain what you need to know and do in order to improve fast.

This DVD has 5 Chapters; 1. Clutch Adjustment.  2. Clutch Control. 3. The Clutch and Jumping.  4. Throttle Control. 5. Shifting Control.

Whether you’re breaking bad habits or learning for the 1st time now you can learn these same techniques the pros use with more confidence and sound great doing it. You’ll discover there’s a lot more to learning to ride a dirt bike than you think!

Here’s what Josh Woods has to say:

I have never worked with someone who has as much knowledge about motocross and diet as Gary has.  He has a great way of explaining everything and helping you apply it to your program.  He is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend Gary Semics to anyone who wants to improve their riding skills.  Josh Woods (Team Samsung/Wireless/Honda) more testimonies


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 Running time: 36 minutes

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What do my clients say?

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My name is Chad Brizendine and I wanted to thank you for what you have taught me in mx!

I started off as so-so rider and would often crash hard in races and as a result not finish.

When I went to your school, I wasn’t faster right away, but as months went on, people told me, ” where is the Chad that i know?” I was riding even with the guys in class above me!!

So i started racing and ever since have never had worse than a 5th overall!!

Your school that i attended last june was just what i needed move me to the next level. I dont think I could put a price on your school. I love MX so much more that I got a brand new bike and I ride almost every weekend at Tecumseh, MI.!!


Chad Brizendine #243

Fenton, MI

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