Motocross Bike Set Up DVD #8 from Volume 1. . . $9.98


DVD #8 from the Volume 1 Series. Why ride or worse yet race a bike that’s way out of adjustment? This 8th and final DVD of my Volume 1 Series covers all the important adjustments that every bike needs because of the differences in the rider’s weight and skill level and sometimes in extreme differences in track conditions. You will gain speed and confidence when all the components of your motorcycle are set up properly.

Learn in clear detail about how the: Carburetor works (2 strokes only) Suspension and Chassis work – How to test and adjust the suspension – How to test and adjust the chassis – How to test and jet the carburetor – How tire selection and tire pressure work.

Demo Riders are Branden Jesseman (# 44), David Kilgore (# 757), Gary Semics (# 5) and many other riders are in this video from Amateur National and Pro National competition.

Slow motion and stop action will show you the rights and wrongs. Even a stock bike that’s adjusted properly is better than the best mod bikes that aren’t adjusted right. Get yours right, it makes a big difference.

I’ve spent many years testing and adjusting factory bikes with factory technicians and mechanics. Now you can learn many of the things I learned through all this hard work just by watching this DVD. Your dirt bike should fit you like a glove, does yours?

Running time: 47 minutes

Copyright 2000

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What do my clients say?

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Dear Gary:

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for having Austin (that 166 kid) attend your school.

As a parent, naturally I want to see my son succeed in anything that he undertakes. His passion is Motocross and he is determined to bring his skills to the highest level.

My wife and I could not have been more pleased in watching him at your school this past weekend.

Your teaching style fit perfectly with the way my son learns best. He learned more in the two days that we were at the school than I would have ever believed possible. You increased his skill level and more importantly, his confidence level as well.

This was by far, the best investment that we have ever made in Austin’s training. We will certainly be back for more instruction.

It’s literally unbelievable how much of a change you made in Austin.

Thank you,

Jim & Diana Harvey

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