All About Motocross Cornering DVD #7 from Volume 1. . . $9.98


DVD #7 from the Volume 1 Series. Cornering is one of the most important parts of racing.  Learn my time tested and proven cornering techniques and practice methods so you can experience how smooth and fast corners are suppose to be taken.

Through my over 25 years of teaching motocross I have put together the most effective practice drills for cornering that will get you the results you’d expect from someone who’s trained Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham, Ezra Lusk, John Dowd, Branden Jesseman and many other top pros along with thousands of amateurs.

As in all my motocross instructional videos you’ll see a lot of slow motion and stop action while I explain the techniques and how to practice them in order to make them become natural and automatic.

You’ll learn all about the best Practice Methods for Cornering – Learn the Practice Strategies for the Cornering Drills: Circle Drill, Oval Drill, Figure 8 Drill and Salomon Drill – See a lot of pro racing in order to see these important techniques used in race action featuring Branden Jesseman and many other top pro racers.– there’s even some humorous Bonus Footage to wrap it up.

A definite must have in order to improve your lap times and results.

Here’s what AMA Pro 125 East Supercross Champion Branden Jesseman and his parents had to say:

Gary Semics has been a real inspiration in my life since I was 10 years old.  He has helped me physically and mentally to prepare for motocross.  (Branden Jesseman).

Gary; I can not even begin to express in words how much I appreciate all your help you gave my son. (Marcy and Tim Jesseman) more testimonies

Running time: 46 minutes

Copy right: 1998

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Austin Harvey - Before

Austin Harvey - After

I began Gary’s training and diet program the end of May of 2007 when I weighed 180Lbs. My body fat was 28.7% and my endurance was pretty poor. I would fade out in a moto after 4 or 5 laps and come off the track very tired and worn out. The second motos were the same and I would find myself struggling to keep focused for the whole race.
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