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How to Develop the Pro Motocross Style

Every Pro rider has developed a signature riding style.  It’s like a finger print, everyone’s is different. Now with DVD #4 from the Volume 1 Series you can learn some of the techniques and styles so you can ride with a pro motocross style. You don’t want to look or worse yet ride like a pit squid, do you?

Learn about the following subjects with this easy to understand and apply mx instructional dvd:

The Natural Talent scale, how much do you have – What it takes to succeed in MX, Consistent Desire, Commitment and Preparation, how much do you have – how the pros Adjust the Controls – Consistently Testing the Bike – Awareness of Techniques and Style – Riding in the Forward Body Position – Stationary and Action Practice Drills .

You’ll learn all these things and much more. But perhaps the most important things you’ll learn is how you yourself can become a better rider, whether your intentions are making MX a fun hobby or a full on profession.

Here’s what one of my many costumers had to say:

I have your technique book as well as videos #4 and 7. Thanks for all the instruction, my riding is getting better and better because of it.  The #4 video is awesome and helps in every aspect of riding and control.  My advancement was becoming very slow until I purchased that video.  Within two months (riding about 5 times) I have improved in all areas considerably. (Scott) more testimonies

Running time: 52 minutes

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What do my clients say?

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Gary Semics & Josh Thompson

I’ve went from 250 lbs down to 160 lbs with the help of Gary Semics MX Conditioning DVD. I can really tell a big difference with how I feel on the bike. Not only do I not tire out, but the bike handles and performs better with me having the strength to ride it with ease now.

I decided to test my new conditioning out in this years 23rd annual Great Greenbrier River Race. It’s a 17 mile triathlon that consist of a 3 mile run (that I completed with a time of 20min 37s), a 4 mile kayak (completed in 45min 51s), and a 10 mile bike ride (completed in 36min 59s). I crossed the line 44th out of 222 with a overall time of 1hr 43min 27s and thats even after suffering a broken paddle in the kayaking event.

I owe a lot to Gary for teaching me his conditioning and all of his techniques in the sport that I love. Thanks Gary,

Josh Thompson

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