Motocross Training Volume 3 2011 Value Pack. . . $159.95

This Value Pack gives you my latest Motocross Instructional DVDs, the 2011 – 2012 Volume 3 Series consisting of 8 DVDs!


These motocross instructional dvds in this VO3 Series really breaks down and describes all the basic techniques of motocross and shows you easy to understand and follow practice methods in order to make all these absolute techniques become automatic and natural. Unlike my other DVDs this Series is designed to start with DVD #1 and go up in order from there.

Now you can learn all the motocross riding skills the top pros use in an easy to apply format. Learn the same techniques I worked on with McGrath, Windham, Villopoto, Lusk, Dowd and so many others. Experience just how much fun and relatively safe riding is suppose to be.

 Here’s what Jeremy and his dad Jack have to say:

Gary; thanks for your personal help throughout my career. Your methods and strategies made my practice and training time much more effective. (Jeremy McGrath)

Gary; thanks for all your great help in 1995 (Jeremy McGrath).

Gary; thanks for your dedication, you performed magic again, until next time, your friend, (Jeremy McGrath).

One of the biggest turning points in Jeremy’s improvement as an intermediate was The Gary Semics MX School. (Jack McGrath).

There’s a lot of slow motion and stop action so you can see the correct ways and the most common mistake as I explain them. You will have all the tools you need to perfect all the basic techniques of motocross.

For individual DVD info and previews please go to each DVD separately.

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Steve Lamson

When I started using Gary’s training programs I won four 125 Nationals in a row and the title.

Steve Lamson

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