Motocross Training Volume 2 with all 4 DVDs Value Pack. . . $49.95

Receive all 4 Instructional DVDs of the Volume 2 Series – The Complete Set and save 50% off retail!

Get the absolute motocross techniques for railing corners, pulling holeshots, skimming whoops to launching, scrubbing and whipping it off  jumps.

Learn what I’ve continue to learn and teach as the sport evolves.

For the info and previews for each of these DVDs go here.

Here’s what Brock Sellards has to say:

I highly recommend using Gary Semics.  I’ve learned how to focus and how to become a successful rider. Any team with Gary as coach will defiantly have an advantage Brock Sellards (multi Factory Riders with Pro National and Supercross wins). 

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Sale Price: $49.95
Retail Price: $139.80
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“You Will Become a Better Rider”

For individual DVD info and previews please go to each DVD separately from the “Buy DVD Volume 1, 2, 3 or the Stand Alone DVDs”.

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What do my clients say?

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Just wanted to say love your new training videos. The way you teach riders how to learn, practice new skills, worth every cent. You are the MAN Semics! Wish watched these years ago.

Jeff Warrack

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