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We ship worldwide. The DVDs are formatted to play everywhere. We cannot totally control the shipping rates because we use the US Postal Service’s computer system. We do offer 1st Class and Priority International Mail. If you stay under 5 DVDs we can ship 1st Class or Priority. 1 to 4 DVDs are about $21.00 for 1st Class in most countries. Priority is about $39.00 or more. For 5 DVDs or more we can only ship Priority.

When ordering multiple DVD each additional DVD is just a little more for shipping. So please consider purchasing one of the Value Packs.

Make sure to calculate your shipping rate by putting your zip code in when you begin your order where it asks “Calculate Shipping”. If you are from a country that does not have a zip code please put the word “none” where the zip code would go and then enter your country. If you have any questions or problems please send us an email.

Depending on your country it could take 1 to 3 weeks for customs to receive your package with 1st Class mail and we cannot track the shipment. With Priority customs will receive your package within 8 to 10 days.  Then it has to clear customs, go to your mail carrier and then finally to your address. Please allow up to one month.

You may want to consider Streaming the DVDs. It’s simple: at the very first place you begin your order choose “Stream” instead of the default “Disc”. This way you can watch it right away for a fraction of the cost. You should have a download speed of 5 mb/s or faster in order to watch the Streaming video without it staling (stopping and going). It’s quick and easy to find out what your download speed is at: 

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Dear Gary,

I just wanted to thank you for hiring all those instructors because not all of us can come to california.

My instructor was “ike” he really helped me with controling the bike better.He also helped me in the corners and on the jumps.

After I came back from the school I practiced the techniques over and over,then my confidence went way up I just felt more in control.

I also read your practice manual everyday and it helps me out a lot. I would like to add that I really had a good time at the school, we made jokes while we were setting the bikes up and it was fun and thats how it should be.


Brett Herring #57

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